The Best

I’m a bit bummed. Every year I look forward to watching the Westminster Dog Show. It is the Super Bowl for canines – only better because it runs for two days! I planned for the event by convincing my person that we needed to have special treats. Max and I both got a sweet potato treat (my favorite), and we settled onto the bed to watch.

This year, the first dogs up were the hounds. Obviously I was cheering for the Treeing Walker Coonhound, but frankly I would have been happy with any coonhound who won – red boned, blue tick – or even fox hounds (Walker hounds are descended from foxhounds). Heck, a blood or basset hound winning would be fine by me.

The excitement was building…I hate how they go alphabetically instead of just skipping right to the scent hounds. I mean, who cares about Afghan hounds or a Borzoi? They’re hairy fluff hounds! They can only find prey if the see it! Scent hounds are the real workers of the hound family! I can find and kill prey with my eyes closed! And I’m good: 5 squirrels, 1 woodchuck, 1 rabbit…I could go on but mom is telling me to stop bragging. Anyway, imagine my surprise when a Norwegian Elkhound unexpectedly won the hound group! A Norwegian! It was a dull grey color and, and furry! Furry like a Malamute or Husky. It’s reindeer hunting Viking dog!

I couldn’t believe it! How could they not pick a coonhound or foxhound? Those canines, like me, were tri-colored! I, for example, am white, black, and tan with some ticking. I also have a beautiful strip across my hind quarters and a white blaze on my face. I saw others who were almost as beautiful as me in the competition. They should have won! How could that Elkhound win??

Mom told me not to take it personally. She said I’m overreacting. She doesn’t understand the pressure or the bragging rights that are at stake. Apparently  I was too vocal with my displeasure – mom changed the channel! She announced that I couldn’t watch if I was going to have an attitude. I howled that coonhounds were all about the ‘tude! That’s why we should have won! But she didn’t care. Needless to say, she wouldn’t let me watch the next day either. I didn’t get to see who won. So today I’m still pouting. I’m going to pout for a year!

…Okay, maybe not but don’t tell her – I want to try and get more sweet potato guilt trips from her – so far it’s working!


Pouting…a.k.a Trying to Get More Treats! 😉


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