Holiday Greetings!

The holiday season is upon us, but I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy it. Last week my people started to bring the Christmas decorations into the living room. Boxes and boxes of stuff (how can people have so much stuff for one holiday?) In order to make room, things like my firewood logs – I enjoy gnawing off the bark – were moved out of the immediate area and relocated into the sunroom. I was doing okay coping with the loss and with the new additions: a card table; a round side table; 3 cases of decorations and a mini-fake Christmas tree (one sniff and I could tell it was a real, Made-in-China exclusive, so I’m not sure who they’re trying to fool). It was what came next that put me over the edge.

My people decided we’d go for a ride. I’m all for car rides. We have had so many great trips over the past year, I didn’t even think twice, I just jumped in. We drove to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. I had no problem with that since I had taken my initial basic manners class there so I knew the people were great as were the facilities. The parking lot was packed. That’s when my people explained that we were there for a fundraiser. Over the past year, my people have instilled in me the need to give back to organizations who help rescue animals, animals who would otherwise be homeless – or worse. Last September for example, I was at the MSPCA Walk for Animals where my people were quite verbal about the fact that I was a shelter dog who became a success story. I think it helps people to see a successful pound hound. So I thought we were there to advocate for shelter canines.

We were directed to a barn – which I thought was highly unusual since having canines that close to the rescued geese, chickens, cows and pigs would, I’d think, be very stressful for the K9’s. I have nothing against farm animals, but I’m an urban hound and the thought of stepping in something foul – and then being force to take a BATH – is not a pleasant thought! We stood outside waiting to be brought into the fundraiser. I figured it was probably a state dinner affair where you had to wait your turn to be presented to the rescuer-in-chief. I was so nervous. At one point, I actually snapped and howled at the geese to be quiet because I was afraid of missing my name being called. The more we waited the more nervous I became.

Then it was my turn. I pulled my person into the barn (people can be so pokey!) We were directed into this small room full of lights and people. Then I saw him. He was sitting up on hay bales (why they didn’t give the old guy a chair I’m not sure).  I was directed toward the rescuer-in-chief. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to shake paws, curtsey, or kiss his ring – but it didn’t matter. Before I had a chance to even make up my mind he grabbed me around the throat! He had me in a choke hold!! My life started to flash before my eyes. In my panic, I started to thrash. What kind of insane fundraiser was this? The MSPCA helped animals but here was this man trying to kill me! I should have known from the blood red suit that he wasn’t to be trusted. I tried to scream, but he had me so tight around the neck I couldn’t get anything out.

Then my people did something bizarre that only my people would do – they offered me chicken! Yes, as one last meal they offered me chicken! I just looked at them in total disbelief. Their one and only hound – their rescued, loving pound hound was getting strangled and they didn’t even try to help. Instead, they told me to smile – they actually told me to smile! Before I knew it the lights in the room flashed (I was afraid that I had fainted) and then I was being offered a raw-hide snowman and a consolation treat.

I just wanted O-U-T! I have never pulled my person back to the car so fast in the year we’ve been together. I didn’t even want to sniff around the MSPCA grounds. I didn’t want to chase the geese (they can be fun to flush around especially when they’re behind a fence and can’t nip you in retaliation). No, I wanted OUT! I ducked down in the back of the car and woofed at my people to get us out of there. They told me to calm down – which I suppose was easy for them since they weren’t the ones being strangled! They told me they have done this to all their other dogs! HUH??!! And they allowed my people to continue to adopt canines?! Then they told me who the rescue-in-chief was – they called him Santa!

What?! That was Santa?! The same Santa who whispered in my ears as I was sleeping in the shelter? The one who told me that he would send me forever people? People who would love me, cuddle me and treat me like no one had ever done before? “Yes”, my people said, “that was Santa who was trying to hold you close back there.” But he tried to kill me I howled!

“No, Daisy” they said, “you were afraid so you thrashed about. But Santa just wanted to hold you close so he could whisper in your ear. He wanted to tell you that you have been a wonderful gift to your people. He wanted to tell you that they love you as much as you love them. He just wanted you to know that you’ve been a very good girl and he would see you again soon.”

Imagine that?! I met Santa! Now I wish that I would have held still for a real nice picture. Oh, well, maybe next year…



  1. He looks pretty scary to me Daisy!!

  2. I love those pictures of you Daisy! Wonderful memories for your people! I am glad you are a well-behaved K-9! Thanks for the holiday wishes and same to you and your family!

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