Holiday Help

Many people are having a difficult time putting food on the table (to say nothing of feeding their pets). Please remember to give to your local food pantry, not just human food, but pet food as well.
If you have room in your home (and heart), consider adopting a cat or dog that may have been surrendered by a family who could no longer afford to keep it. These animals need forever homes not holiday homes, so if you do adopt, make sure you are able to give them the love and creature comforts they deserve.

Happy Holidays!!!

Love, Daisy



  1. Hi Daisy and her People, I heartily agree! Many grocery stores have bins and barrels for pet food donations so it is convenient for people to give to shelters and organizations such as PAWS. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas. Love the picture of you and Santa!

  2. We gave a little something to ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans) because they’ve had so many heartaches and hardships in that area.

    It’s not local, so thanks for the reminder to give something local too.

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