Dancing with the Stars

My person likes to dance. Not at clubs or dance halls, but around the living room. She usually can get Max to waggle his hips and tail while she sings, dancing along. Max, being a people canine, will do anything to please our people. He’s what is referred to as happy-go-lucky. Meanwhile, I’m more of an intellectual. I don’t like to dance (although I do love a good howl-a-long if I like a certain song). But in reality, I’d prefer to sit in bed and read a book with mom. I’m not one to watch a lot of television – although as an exception, I’ll probably tune in to watch the Westminster Dog Show. So imagine my surprise when mom said she had always dreamed of dancing with the stars (I didn’t even know she watched that show!).

This revelation occurred after my people had come back from seeing the movie Hidden Figures. The movie brought back a lot of memories for her. It turns out my mom is so old she remembers men walking on the moon! She said she use to follow all the Apollo missions from take off to landing, dreaming that one day she would fly in space too. Apparently, girls weren’t allowed to go into space when she was growing up. It’s really a shame, I think mom would have made a great astronaut. She loves science and looking into the sky. She’s encouraged me to be more observant. Now I find myself gazing into the night sky in search of aliens (I’ve been hearing about them coming here but I haven’t found any yet. I’ll keep looking.) It’s amazing what you find in the natural world when you turn off the tv and your phone, and just look around. The world is amazing!

I decided I wanted to do something nice for mom for introducing me to the wonderful world of nature. I looked through catalogs and online stores. Nothing. Then I found a picture on Pinterest. It’s by a photographer named Hubble. I don’t know how he took the picture, but I knew the instant I saw it that I could give mom the gift she always wanted. My mom could dance with the stars! And so, I’d like to share this with her and all the dreamers who have faced obstacles in achieving their dreams because of small minded people throwing roadblocks.

This is Dancing with the Stars:


Always keep your head up. 


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