Living it Up

Lately my people have been thinking about houses. Not that we don’t already have a house, it’s just that they are getting old so they are considering an even smaller house. Frankly, I don’t want a smaller house. As it is, we don’t have room for two sofas so I have to share – and I only get a corner! When I told them we should get a king sized bed, they told me it wouldn’t fit in the bedroom – so we have to make do with a queen. Needless to say, I am baffled as to why they would even entertain the idea of a smaller house! It’s just insanity!

Mom told me I’m being silly and selfish. She asked me how much room I had when I lived in the shelter.

“That’s not a fair question”, I barked!  “When I was living in the shelter it was because I was fleeing a bad situation – namely living in a flea bag kennel. I never viewed my shelter life as permanent!”

I had always dreamt of living in a home that would welcome me, treat me with kindness and respect, and generally keep me safe. I just wanted two meals a day, a warm spot to curl up in, and somebody to love me – forever. I didn’t think it was too much to hope for – not in America! I was only asking for small creature comforts – not a million dollars – just a chance, a home!

And in that strange way people have, she looked at me and said “Exactly.”

“Exactly? Exactly what?!??”, I howled.

I was losing patience. I was worried that my way of life was vanishing. I was confused. I was beginning to panic. Were my people thinking of moving to a 10×4 foot kennel? Were they thinking of sending me back to that old flea bag one I had fled?Then my person took my head in her hands, kissing me gently on my snout. She looked me in the eyes and said softly,

“Our dreams have come true. We are safe. We are comfortable. We are loved. We are so much luckier then so many people and canines in the world. The size of our house doesn’t matter because we have the creature comforts so many others don’t. Daisy Mae, you have it all!”

I thought about what my person said. I guess she was right – I do have it all. But I couldn’t help wondering how much happier everyone in the world would be if they could have what I have. That’s when it dawned on me – I could start a home business! I’d call it Canine Comforts!  I would welcomed everyfur with love and respect. They would have a comfortable sofa, plenty of food, and tons of toys. Above all, they would be safe! I searched the internet and found an awesome design, one that would make people smile and feel protected whenever they walked through the doors. Now if only I could get the Kiwi designer to make thousands of them around the globe – the world would be a much nicer place.



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