Bark Out!


I was never a woofer until my brofur Max came along. I was just a quiet hound going about my business. Sure I would occasionally be vocal if a squirrel or cat came in my yard, but I wasn’t what anyone would call an outspoken canine. By nature, I’m a sofa/bed dog – happy to go though my adopted life in the quiet comfort I deserve. As long as I’m comfortable, I see no reason to use energy shouting to the wind. Then came Maxwell.

Oh Max! He’s about three years older, thirty pounds lighter, and all cocker spaniel. In laypeople terms, he’s a woofer! Walking by the house? Max has something to say about it. Making a u-turn in the driveway? Absolutely not allowed! Not taking him along on errands? The whole world is going to hear his mournful howl concerning his abandonment. I think he over does it sometimes (I think my people do too) but he takes “if you see something, say something” to heart. I respect him for that. He’s not a biter, so being vocal is his number one weapon. He has a grievance, he speaks out.

Lately my people have been following his lead and barking out in emails, snail mail, social media, rallies, and marches. They told me they need to be vocal because speaking out makes them feel like they are doing something – like chasing off people making u-turns – only they want the government to make a u-turn on a few things. Last Sunday, mom went to a rally in support of Muslims and immigrants. She said she spoke to some of the Muslim women to tell them she is barking out for them. She wanted them to know that, like Max, she can’t put the bitey on anyone, but she will use her voice. I respect that.

I’ve learned a lot from Max. I bark out more. I paw the ground, pounce and march around, especially if there is an injustice like dinner being late. Max has taught everyfur in our family that sometimes you have to crawl out of your warm, comfortable life and Bark Out! I love him for that! ❤️


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