The New Addition

Well, I have a brofur. There is no delicate way to put it. He’s an 8 yr. old cocker spaniel named Max. Max this. Max that. Come Max. Wait Max. MAX, as in I’m maxed out! When mom said he was eight, I thought he was elderly. I thought he’d sleep all day. I thought my toys were safe. Ha! He’s a thirty pound firecracker! He is a toy destructo-dog!

Mom says he is adorable and will calm down over time. She reminded me that within the first couple of months when I was first adopted I chewed the corner of a table, the wooden bed frame, a library book, moved shoes all over the house, and proceeded to kill 4 mice, 1 squirrel and 1 woodchuck. Frankly, I thought rearranging the house and yard to my canine tastes was what I was suppose to do. After all, why have a dog if you don’t like the canine designer look?

She then brought up the incident of dragging her into a swamp while I was chasing after ducks. (It appears she forgets nothing but internet passwords). In my defense, I’m a canine hunter. I just wasn’t use to having human baggage tied to me. How did I know she’d be waist deep in freezing cold swamp water because she wouldn’t let go of the leash? Was it my fault the leash became wrapped around swamp reeds? Of course not! The ducks kept swimming away, I was only following!

She thinks that just because I didn’t whine and carry on like Max, that I didn’t miss her when she went to work. I was terrified! I’d never lived in a house before. I didn’t know the protocol. I tried to fill my empty time. My people had old furniture – mom says it was antique – so see, same thing – old. They needed new, modern stuff. I was doing them a remodeling favor. And I didn’t destroy ALL my toys (just a few…every couple of days or so).

Mom says we are all going through an adjustment period. *SIGH* I know I’d adjust a lot sooner with more toys…MaxatBDHS



  1. Bea

    Daisy, you can get new toys now. 🙂

  2. That is so great! He looks adorable! Annie and Max definitely sound related! Annie hoards all toys. We have to put aside my and Rosy’s special ones. And she is 10, and she has more energy than anyone in the household too! So we can compare notes.
    Mom is just replenishing tennis balls for me since she takes those too. Plus I have to share my pizza too! But we love her. She is sweet and fun and getting used to a new life with us. You and Max will get used to each other real soon. Cant wait to hear more about you and Max! BearHUGs to all of you!

  3. Hi To Daisy and her Parents, Congratulations on your new friend Max. Hope he is a delight to you and your family. Cockers are great little dogs. Have fun Daisy and yes, Max will calm down and adjust – likely already has.

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