Santa and DaisyI have been after mom to type out a new blog post for months! In that time, I have chewed 2 walking harnesses, eaten a cloth grocery bag, destroyed countless toys, and moved into her bed every night! I have tried everything, including insisting she get me a brofur (I need someone to pay attention to me!) The brofur idea was vetoed by mom2 (I had mom1 wrapped around all four paws too!). The good news is that here I am! The bad news is, it’s been so long I forgot what I wanted to say! So until I remember what it was I was bugging mom to type about, I’ll just wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Peace & Love

P.S. As you exchange gifts with your loved ones, please remember the animals in shelters needing forever homes. Donate to those shelters and give those animals the gift of time.


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