Auld lang syne

Long, long, ago I was a shelter dog, unwanted, living in a kennel. Having seen my puppies taken away from me, I never thought my life would be anything but misery. Then I was transported from Virginia to Massachusetts, where I waited in a no-kill shelter for six months. On September 13, 2009, I was adopted. My life since has been a wonderful whirlwind – a rags to riches story – I never would have imagined!

On New Year’s Day, my people and I were walking around Boston, (I was gathering material for my new gig as a travel writer for The Anipal Times), and reminiscing about the first time we came to Boston on New Year’s Day. It was January 1, 2010, snowy and cold. Boston was new and exciting. I gladly posed in front of the State House, proud to be a new Massachusetts resident. I thought that trip would be a novelty – little did I know my people believe in cultural enrichment – so I have been to some amazing places since! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have been and done things some people would only dream of. Yes, I’ve come a long way!

At least my people thought I’d come a long way – then last night they caught me. Now I’m not perfect – I like shredding my toys, digging in the garden, and pouncing on the occasional four-legged creature who might be crazy enough to wander into my yard. My people know about these “behavioral issues”. They took me to a trainer who suggested they give me treats to overcome these “issues”  (I can’t thank her enough – YUM!!). But canines will be canines – and that my furriends is why what happened last night should not come as a surprise.

I am an only child. The benefit of that is that I have no bedtime competition. Being short-furred, I get cold so I appreciate being able to sleep under the blankets with my people. Unfortunately though, middle-aged humans are subject to having heat waves. There have been times when I have feared they would spontaneously combust, burn up the bed, and fry me alive. It’s frightening. I’ve had to learn to get out of bed and save myself. Last night was such a night. It was 3am. I was forced to jump out of bed. I was hot – burning up I was sure! That’s when I decided I needed a refreshing beverage. I walked towards my water bowl – then changed my mind.

What happened next involved a “DAISY! GET OUT OF THERE!!” And a “YOU ARE NOT KISSING ME  – GET OUTTA THIS BED!” I have to admit, I never thought humans would get so upset about their canine taking a drink out of the toilet. I thought they would be proud that I thought to use this cold water resource. I mean the water is just sitting – someone should use it! I thought I was showing independence and initiative. I had been practicing too!

Humans do not appreciate the skills needed to flawlessly grab a cold one. Our commode is tall – my people say it’s handicapped – and I can understand why! To get a drink you have to but your paws on the seat, being very careful not to slip and get a face dunk. It is a challenge – especially since I do not like wet! I am proud that I was able to pull off the manuever. My people however, don’t feel the same way. “Daisy”, they said, “you’ve got a long way to go”.  I suppose I do – I haven’t even tried counter-surfing yet! 2012 here I come!

Happy New Year Friends!


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  1. Hi Daisy and her people, I am wishing you a belated Happy New Year and a most pleasant coming Spring. You are wonderful and so are your people!

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