My Christmas Forest Walk

On Christmas morning, my person has a tradition of taking me for a long walk in the forest behind our house. Now some skeptics are going to think it’s because my person wants to tire me out – a tired dog is a good dog and all of that. I’ll admit, I was bubbling with Christmas excitement but I would have been much happier cuddling under the blankets for another hour (walking in subfreezing temperatures does nothing for me!) But my person wanted to go for a walk and it was Christmas after all – it’s the least I could do.

I enjoy our Christmas walks. I think it’s because there is just something magical about just the two of us on a quiet, romp with not a creature stirring – no other people, no other canines. Of course, I try to sniff out the woodland creatures to wish them a Merry Christmas, but I never have any luck. In fact, I look for the woodland creatures every time we go for a walk, but I never see any sign of them. My person swears that they are there, that my problem is that I just don’t believe, and that’s why I can’t see them. I should be able to smell a woodland fairy, right? See some visual evidence that they exist? Nothing. Ever.

Our Sunday, my person took me on a trail I had not been on in a while. It was exciting, especially when I saw a tree that had been freshly gnawed by a beaver. I was just about to step into the water to wish the beaver a Merry Christmas, when my person yanked me up the hill and told me I had to see something. What could be more exciting than a beaver? But it was Christmas, so I gave in to humor my person. That’s when I saw it. My person didn’t need to tell me what it was – I knew! A Fairy Christmas tree – right in the middle of my forest!! It was beautiful! I looked around for the fairies or the other woodland creatures, but it appeared we were all alone. My person said we really weren’t – that even when we think we are alone, there is always someone who will keep us in their heart and watch out for us. I thought about that for the rest of our walk. When we were just about to leave the woods, it suddenly hit me: we all have fairy power! When we help one another, even if it’s keeping someone in our pawcircle, they are not alone and we are not alone. When we keep anipals and their people in our hearts, than magical things can happen. And finally I realized, when we love our people and they love us there is no chewy or squeaker toy that can match that gift. Santa, please note: I really love my new hedgehog squeaky toy and the rawhide chews and the new squeaky donkey, and the new…well I’m sure he gets the point.


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  1. Hi Daisy! You’re so much like me, I love sleeping under the covers too! My person has her own “global warming” issues. Cool one minute, hot the next, ggg. Sadly, the lid on the commode is always left down, as we have a kitty that likes to sip too! Wait ’til you get the opportunity to counter surf, just wait for the right moment when no one’s looking!

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