Santa Cause

My people recently brought me to see Santa. I went last year too and he just about strangled me, so I wasn’t too keen on going this year. When they told me it was at the Humane Society, I was a little nervous that they were really trying to dump me off (my people say I hog the bed at night and have too many feet that poke in the wrong places – so I thought maybe they were dumping me for a smaller model). But after some reassuring, I agreed to visit Santa. Truthfully, going to the shelter made me very nervous –  but my people said he grants wishes – (I guess he’s like a big hairy fairy) – so I went. 

When it was my turn, Santa grabbed me and put me on his lap. I thought he was going to strangle me again, but instead he just asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I thought our family could use a bigger bed, a sisfur, and a home for all the animals living in the shelter. Santa told me that he thought that was a tall order. I thought about it for a second, then I told him that maybe it would be a good Christmas if all the animals living inshelters had toys! Santa told me he had heard that request before (SantaPawsDrive) and thought it was a great idea! So I decided that maybe I could get Santa to support some other animal causes I like. I made him a list. I thought I’d share it with everyone in the hopes that maybe there are other hairy fairies who grant wishes for Christmas. I sure hope so!

Lowell Humane Society

Lowell Unleashed

Hudson Dog Park

Friends for Tomorrow

Pets for Vets  (great cause for our returning vets!)

MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm





  1. Julie

    Great picture with Santa!

  2. Hi Daisy, Wishing your and your people Happy Holidays! I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures with your family!

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