Discovering Discovery

My people had three days off from work. They said it was because of Columbus Day. When I asked what that was, they said it was the day Columbus discovered America. At first, I took what they said at face value – but then the more I thought about it the more confused I got. How could Columbus discover America when people were already living here? I was going to ask my people that question, but then I remembered that they like me to figure things out on my own (they call it ‘puzzling it out’ – old teacher lingo I think). Anyway, I decided to just keep my eyes and ears open, hoping the answer would come to me.

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to go for a long walk. We went to this park in Hudson, NH called Benson’s. I didn’t think it had been that long since we’d last been there but things had changed! I was amazed at all the new things I saw. I found this waterfall – which was a good thing since it was unseasonably hot and I was thirsty. I sniffed around the water’s edge, following a trail to an unusual tree. I was pretty sure that it was the hideout out of a rogue chipmunk I was tracking, so I had my person lift me up so I could take a look inside. I was shocked at what I discovered – nothing! NOTHING was in the tree! No chipmunk, no squirrel – just a hole where a tree should have been! I was stunned! I was confused!! I wondered: is it possible to discover nothing? Is nothing something? If you find nothing, does that count as finding something? Oh, my poor puppy brain! I hate puzzling things out!

We decided to walk some more and found that they had built a beautiful memorial to the 9/11 victims. My person took my picture in front of the memorial, which includes an actual piece of steel from the World Trade Center. I can’t believe I was actually able to sniff a piece of the towers – it was so big and cold. I felt so small next to it. I said a quick prayer for K9 Sirius who was an officer with the Port Authority Police in the towers that day. I bet he never had to figure out how Columbus discovered America – he just did his job like a brave canine! I wish I could be smart and brave like Officer Sirius!

My people realized that I was starting to get tired, so we went home after that. It had been a long walk and I admit I am getting a bit paunchy in middle age (I’m 4 after all!) I hadn’t realized that I had gotten dirty on our walk but apparently, when you walk in the woods and through mud it doesn’t all come off on the car seats on the way home. That’s when I discovered the terrible truth: people have mud aversion! The next thing I knew I was being thrown into the bathtub, shampooed and conditioned! I came out wet and smelling like lavender – which my people swore would relax and sooth me! I hadn’t realized I needed to be soothed and I would have relaxed if they had allowed me on their bed so I could nap! When they finally left me alone (sometime around Monday) – I fell asleep only to wake up with the answer to my Columbus question!

I realized that Columbus found all the wonderful things that were here already, but that didn’t make it any less of a discovery! It was just a discovery to him and all the other people who didn’t know about it yet. Just like I’m sure that other canines may had found the great things I discovered this weekend, it doesn’t mean they weren’t great discoveries to me! We should try to discover something new and wonderful everyday! Yes, everyday should be a Columbus day! I’m glad that people don’t have three days holidays everytime they discover something though – these three days holidays are non-stop exhausting!


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