New England Fall

Fall has arrived in New England! Summer is fun, but it’s too hot to do much of anything. Sure I like going to the beach and getting a tan, but I have to get my tan in our yard lying on the pavement because they don’t allow dogs on the beach in summer. It’s a real bummer!

Anyway, fall is finally here which means more outings with my people! Hooray!!! Last weekend, we went to Hollis, NH for a nature walk. Now that the air is cool and crisp, the scents from all the forest life are just amazing! People don’t realize that coonhounds need optimum conditions for proper olfactory tracking and identification (that’s a fancy way of saying things smell better in cool weather). Proper smelling is an art form! For example, because the conditions were ideal, I was able to track and identify a giant larval lepidoptera.

 Thankfully, my person had the camera and was able to snap a quick photo of me and my prey. The thing was enormous! I’m pretty sure if I had not tracked it to a corn field, it would have eaten all the small children who were gathered for a harvest festival! Imagine how awful that would have been: this giant beast crawling out of the forest ready to devour small children in a single gulp! The screams of parents as they realize their children are being wrapped in a cocoon and won’t emerge again until spring! Think how those parents would feel as the realization hits: they are free for the next 7 months!

No, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t act! So I looked that giant larval lepidoptera right in the eye – (okay, so my person picked me up so I could stand on a hay bale…it’s not my fault I’m short) – and I said to that giant beast, “Hi, nice day, eh? Tell you what, I if you promise not to eat anyone I’ll let you go free.” The Green Giant agreed with little discussion. We shook on it (I didn’t know which leg to shake so I shook them all – I didn’t want any sneaky caterpillar tricks!)

I expected to hear cheers from the gathering crowd, as they realized that I had saved the day, but I suspect they were all still in shock. That’s okay though, I don’t always need outside acknowledgement. I know how my powerful nose and golden heart saved the lives of those children. I know I’m a canine hero! I just thank dog that we were there that day. I just thank dog for fall!



  1. Oh wow Daisy, thank heavens for you spotting that green monster ! BOL BOL You are so brave – I bet all the parents are sooo happy that they will NOT be free for the next 7 months *laughing and hugs his pal*

  2. OMD you are SO brave!! You deserve the biggest medal ever and all those parents should be very very grateful. I mostly track pheasants with my nose, I don’t know what I’d do if I spotted a giant caterpillar!
    We call fall autumn here and it’s just arriving because all the leaves and falling off the trees. We like it too because we can go for longer walks whenever we like and not just in the morning and evening when it’s coolest.

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