Fairy Dogmother

     I know I have been bad about writing lately. Truth is, I have been engaged in some very important work. I’m not a hound who usually likes to howl about the good things I do, but I thought it may be time to inspire other canines to get off their couches and sink their teeth into doing good!

    One of the things I’ve been doing is helping other anipals and their people on Twitter, who do fantastic charity work through the social media site. Recently I became an Officer doing security at Pawpawties which raise money for animal charities all over the world! Sure I have fun – but I also feel like I’m a part of a great cause! I’m very proud of my furriends who have raised thousands of dollars for animal shelters, animals in natural disasters and for those animals & their people who have been struggling during these difficult economic times. High Paw to them all!

   Probably the most important thing I’ve been doing however, involves making my grandpeople smile. My granddad has had cancer for 8 years. He was recently told that his lungs are now full of cancer (he had colon cancer that spread). When I heard the news, I knew that I had an even more important job to do! So I have been visiting at least 2-3 times a week or more since my grandpa went into hospice. My grandpeople love me! My grandma like to feed me cheese, but to see the smile on her face as she’s doing it makes the cheese taste like the most delicious thing ever! They get all excited when they see me come in the door and sometimes forget to even say hello to my person! It’s okay though ’cause my person – their daughter- knows that I’m along to work my ‘happy magic’. In fact, my ‘happy magic’ has been working so well that granddad is doing fantastic!  Of course, I also have to give credit to my furriends & their people on Twitter who have kept my granddad in their pawprayers and pawcircle. They have been wonderful and their pawprayers have been so appreciated!

   Anyway, one evening my person took me for a walk along the river. I needed to get out of the house and it was cool along the river walk. When we got to a certain spot, there were these fairy wings lying on the ground. I looked all around, but didn’t see the fairy they belonged to. I assumed the fairy was probably taking a quick dip in the water. I didn’t think she would mind it I just tried on the magical wings (I also hoped it would give me even more happy magic!) I think it worked! I saw a man when I was trying on the wings and he was just smiling ear to ear. You could tell the happy magic was infecting him! I think I was suppose to find those special fairy wings (they matched my collar and everything!) Truthfully, I think I was meant to make people happy – and now that I’ve been with my people I couldn’t be happier! Yup, being happy is definitely magical!



  1. Sweet Daisy, what a darling fairy you make ! We are so sorry to hear the sad news of your grand-dad – thank heavens for you, darling Daisy Doo, to brighten the days ahead and bring some joy to the hearts of your beloved family *hugs* xx

  2. Julie

    I think you do an awesome job at at making people smile-myself included!

  3. i like howling

  4. Great work Daisy and those wings look like they were made for you! It must be tough having to eat cheese but I’m sure you put a brave face on BOL.

  5. Ellie b.

    So sweet my person almost cried

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