Yesterday it was warm and sunny! Spring had arrived! I was so excited – I just wanted to go out and play! My people, (who often need motivation to get going in the morning) were not as quick or excited as I was. I had to bark and run around their legs so they would finally get dressed and we could go for a walk. When we finally got outside, my people made me hop in the car. WHAT? What happened to my walk?

Okay, I admit, sometimes when I don’t get what I want right away I whine – a lot. It drives my people crazy, especially when I do it in the car in their ears (but I figure one of my people is hard of hearing so whining in her ear is just courteous otherwise she wouldn’t hear me). So when I realized we were going for a ride and not my regular neighborhood walk, I whined. And whined. And whined. Finally my person said loudly something to the effect of “ENOUGH” and pulled into a driveway. 

Frankly, I didn’t know where we were, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked around – we were at a new dog park! It was pawsome! I met two other coonhounds and some other very nice canines. My people told me it was the Lowell dog park and we were near my grandpeople (who apparently we were on our way to visit before the detour). But what a great, unexpected detour! By the time we resumed our journey to visit my grandpeople, I was thirsty, tired and very happy!

My grandperson gave me some water and cheese (she spoils me – but we both like it). My people talked while I rested. We had a very nice visit – but I just really wanted to be outside in the sunshine. So I politely paced. Sat. Then paced some more until my people finally got the message that the cheese and the visit were over. In the car they told me that the exploring and visiting wasn’t over – (they thought I had been a little rude) and boy they weren’t kidding!

They walked my paws off in this park in Hudson, NH called Benson’s. I guess it use to be an animal park where poor, exotic animals were on display in small cages. My person had been to the park once on a 1st grade field trip. She said she only remembers a gorilla in the small cage that sucked water off the floor and spit. I guess if I lived on display I’d be spitting mad too! Anyway, they took me to a house that still remains in the park. They said an old woman with lots of kids lived in it and we were going to visit. I was amazed! It was a very small house. We knocked, but thankfully no one was home. I peeked in the windows – there was a chair but not even a sofa! I hope she didn’t have canines, I know I couldn’t imagine living in a house without a sofa! I guess I’m lucky to live in the nice house that I do. I have a bed, my people’s bed, a sofa – so much comfort! I have people and grandpeople who love me – I’m really so lucky!! Maybe, that’s the message my people were trying to send me: Enough.When you are a blessed hound, as I am, you really have nothing to be whining about. Of course they’re right, I definitely have more than enough.



  1. That is a really big SHOE! WOW!

  2. Awww. Love your bloggy, Daisy Doo.

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