I’m looking for spring. Frankly, I’ve been looking for a while. I’ve caught the occasional whiffs, bulbs starting to pop out, the Marmot family moving back under our shed after their winter vacation in Florida, but still no sign of 70 degree New England bikini days. Last weekend, when I complained to my people that I was sick of winter, they told me that they would help me find spring. They went out for a little while with their cameras and came back with pictures and announced they had officially seen spring!

This picture, they told me, is the Goddess of Spring. I suspect her hair is a bit off balanced because my people snapped the photo as she was just getting out of bed. I’m sure being photographed with ‘bed head’ has not made her want to halt winter anytime soon – after all Goddesses are very particular about their hair (and she doesn’t even look like she’s had her morning coffee yet!) My people claimed she was not upset but this week it’s been 20 degrees, so you decide! Anyway, they said they spoke with her about needing spring because they wanted to do some gardening. GARDENING?! How about because relieving yourself in cold, snowy conditions is chilly? That’s when I realized my first mistake: I let my people talk to the Spring Goddess. I realized my second mistake when they showed me the next picture.

Apparently, my person decided to jump down a rabbit hole. Librarians do weird things, but this Alice in Wonderland/Incredible Shrinking Woman moment took even me off guard. It started to worry me where they had gone looking for spring. My person claimed that I was being an alarmist. Alarming is when you see a picture of your almost 6′ tall person in a chair and her feet can’t touch the floor! Alarming is when your person looks happy about that fact! Alarming is realizing you still don’t have spring!

Okay I admit, maybe I am getting hysterical. I mean after all the red-winged black birds are back and I have seen robins. Chipmunks have been running through the yard and most of the snow is gone. I suspect the Spring Goddess doesn’t like to be rushed – and that is perfectly okay (we don’t want to upset the Goddess!)

Still, my people claim to have seen a glimpse of it. But when I looked closely at this next picture, a glimpse is apparently all they saw due to the “Do Not Enter” sign at the bottom and the foliage lady blocking their way! My people get caught up in the big picture sometimes and miss the fine details. Sure spring is visible – from a distance! I don’t want a view into the distant future – I have needs – I need spring now! My people keep telling me that spring comes a little bit everyday. I guess maybe they’re right. So today I sat by the fence facing our shed. I’m waiting for Mrs. Marmot and her kids. I hope it gets warm soon – I’ve missed seeing my groundhog furriends!



  1. Hi Daisy, Your people took a very nice picture of your friend the ground hog, or as they say here in Tennessee, the Woodchuck. I too, am looking for Spring. We thought it had arrived when we had 80 degree temperatures here a week ago, but alas, no. It has turned cold. I hope you find Spring soon Daisy. You are a great dog with excellent people! I so enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Petrina

    We are expecting winter and it was very cool last week so we thought it was here. But this week is very warm. I wonder if your spring is hanging with us for a while and our winter is reluctant to leave you just yet! 🙂

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