Paws for Japan

Postcard from Grandpa. Japan ca. 1950's

I’m a young pup (still just 3 1/2-4 years old). I have been raised to be polite and respect my elders. But that’s not hard – I love my people and grandpeople. I especially love to visit my grandpeople (Grandma gives me special treats of ham & cheese and Grandpa drops food like jelly beans on the floor, so you never know what you’ll find around his chair!). But even if they didn’t spoil me with treats, I’d enjoy visiting just to listen to the stories about life when they were young. My grandpa, for example, was brave and served his country in the military when he was a young man.

I am fascinated by his stories! One of the benefits of serving your country is that apparently you get to travel a lot and the government pays! You go for free! He traveled the world in the 1950’s to such places as the demilitarized zone of North & South Korea, Turkey, Japan – even Kansas! But I think of all the places he visited he probably liked Japan the best. Recently, he was cleaning a drawer and found some old post cards, pictures and chopsticks. He started to tell me about how he was stationed just south of Tokyo, but took the train off base any chance he could. He showed me pictures of Mt. Fuji. He told me about the culture and raved about the wonderful people there. My person said that when she was growing up, grandpa would have slide shows from his trip there. She said that as a result, that she too, grew to love Japan and her people.

Needless to say, when we heard about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, we were concerned for the people and animals. Seeing so many pictures of the devastation, I wondered what had happened to all the animals. Yesterday, when I was on Twitter, some of my pals had a link for this video from the tsunami zone. It broke my heart!

I can’t imagine the fear of the animals who have lost their people. My stomach growls thinking of dogs, cats and bovines who are searching for food among the debris. But I have discovered (thanks to my Twitter friends!) two organizations who are trying to help: and These organizations are working to help injured and homeless animals, as well as to locate the missing or dead people from the disaster. Please help them help the people of Japan. I encourage you to help an organization (any organization!) who can make a difference in the lives of the animals and the people who love them. So take a moment, Raise your Paws (and open your pockets) for Japan!


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  1. JinJin & Pixel Rubinoff

    Great bloggy Daisy! So interesting.

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