Flying New Tech Style

My people do not like to see any animals suffer. They feed the wild birds, build them houses, provide a natural habitat for the wild animals and have always adopted shelter dogs. My people have a statue of Buddha who sits in our sun room in winter (Buddha is almost naked and doesn’t have a winter coat so my people don’t want him getting cold and snowed on outside), in summer, he does sit outside under a tree to watch over all the animals. For over six years, my person has flown prayer flags in our yard. It started when my grandperson became very ill with stage 3 colon cancer. It’s not that my person believed that flying prayer flags would cure granddad, my person’s too much of a realist for that. But I do believe that granddad’s illness awoke the desire within my person, even more strongly, that all beings be free from sickness and suffering. And so those Medicine Buddha prayer flags have flown in our yard carrying that prayer on the wind around the globe.

That is until an atheist squirrel decided to chew the flags down! The first time it happened, my person bought corn thinking the poor squirrel was just starving, then grabbed a ladder, rope and tied them back on the tree. The second time, the squirrel not only chewed the flags down, it stole one of the flags! Personally, I am quite upset. I know this was not the work of a squirrel playing a prank or one out to end religious freedom. I know the prayer flag incidents are in retaliation for the squirrel who fainted in my mouth and subsequently had a heart attack and died. The squirrel death was not intentional on my part but I am sure the Squirrel Mafia Brotherhood (SMB) doesn’t see it that way. Still, this was not a reason to steal the prayer flag!

What upsets me the most is that I know my person wants the flags to carry those prayers to those who’ve had their anipals journey OTRB, or those who have broken hearts because their animals are sick or suffering. Personally, I want the prayers to go to my person who worries about my grandpeople; who thinks about my sisters and my brother who all went Over the Rainbow Bridge around this time of year; and whose heart goes out to others who may need those prayers! But I am not going to let my anger get in the way of getting the flag to fly again! The truth is, I am too clever for the low tech squirrels!! The prayers are zooming around the world right now! How, do you ask? Because as a high tech hound, I know that by posting a picture of the Medicine Buddha prayer flag on my blog (as I did above) the flag is flying around and around cyberspace forever – hence the prayer touching all who need it! Cool huh?! I think Buddha would be very happy at my non-violent, creative approach!

Check out my new page, OTRB


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  1. Hi Daisy and her People, Yes perpetual prayer flags online is a wonderful thing! The commentary about the squirrels really brought a smile to me. Wonderfully written stuff! I wish Daisy and her People a superb day and a fun-filled weekend. Nice page about Over the Rainbow!

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