My rough winter

This week brought discouraging but not surprising news: I have hip dysplasia. My person had noticed that I “bunny hop” sometimes when I run; am stiff when I get up after lying down and that my back-hind leg seemed to turn inward. This harsh winter seems to have made all those symptoms worse. The x-rays on Thursday confirmed my person’s suspicions.

My people are experienced with having a dog with hip dysplasia. Their first cocker spaniel, Goldie, had very bad hips, so I feel like I’m in the hands of loving, knowledgable people. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t discouraged. Between the endless snow and ice storms we’ve been experiencing and now my bad hips, I really just want to crawl on the sofa and hide my head under a blanket forever!

My people, however, won’t let me. This morning, they loaded me into the car and told me that we all needed an outing. I’m glad they did! I didn’t realize how down I’d been feeling until we were on the beach, and I was meeting new canines! I don’t blame my people for my shut-in status. We have had so many snow storms this year that my people have only had time to work, shovel and then go back to work. We went to the dog park once, but it was very icy – too dangerous for humans or canines! (Frankly, I don’t want my person getting hurt on the ice. I rely on them to shovel out my toilet area and an injured human would mean I’d have to relieve myself in a snow pile! You ladies out there know how drafty, cold and uncomfortable that would be!) So I’ve accepted that this is an inside winter.

Telling my furriend a joke...

But canines need other canines! Sure I’m on Twitter having a drink or two at Nipclub or having Pawpawties with my furriends. And yes, I was lucky enough to fly on the Google Earth jet to experience a virtual Aussie Road Trip with my friend Tom Archer and his fiancée Keely – but it’s not the same as being nose to nose.

My furriend laughing at the punchline

Apparently, other canines were feeling shut-in too – there were no shortage of new furiends with their people in tow. I wasn’t feeling up to running, but that didn’t stop me from having fun anyway. The air was crisp and cool -(my people are feeling very protective of me so I had 2 coats on!) – and the smells were wonderful! If you have never been to the beach, I’m afraid I could never describe the millions of aromas contained in every grain of sand! You have to experience it. You have to live it! There is nothing on earth like the beach I’m sure!

Our outing succeeded in getting me to think of other things. I wasn’t dwelling on the cold or snow. Even though I didn’t run, I wasn’t focusing on my hip either – that’s good! I am exhausted though – it will take time to get into physical and mental shape again. But I have people who love and are devoted to me. That’s good because I love my people more than anything and would do anything for them too!



  1. Roscoe

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, Daisy. The pain of the hips is not good. I feel for you. My cousin had the same thing. Life is tough. I have a big, raging infection myself. I’m feeling better, but still have to wear “the cone of shame” because I want to scratch every part of my itchy body. At least I’m eating now. My people are doing their best to ease my pain and keep me warm. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Your friend,

  2. Sweet Daisy, we were so sorry to read of your hip problems. We know your people will be doing all they can to help. We sending #healingpaw and joining #pawcircle xxx

  3. I am so sorry you have hip problems Daisy. I know your people are taking excellent care of you. I agree that “Ole’ man winter” just has to go (and soon). You look like you are having fun exercising at the beach. That is good. Your people need the break too.

  4. Sorry to hear about your hip Daisy, but seems like you have good humans who will do their best for you. I hope you get lots more lovely trips out to the beach, I haven’t had sand between my toes for a while now.. just mud!

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