Winter weary

It’s been difficult to motivate my person to type out my blog for me. It seems that after multiple snowstorms, my person is winter weary. That’s a very nice way of saying “to tired from shoveling to want to do anything else”. Truth is, my person only has to sit and type while I do all the dictating, but I appreciate that my person has worked to provide paths through the snow so that I can take care of my biological needs without getting my paws too wet, so I’ll cut them some slack. I haven’t been anyplace new. I have visited with my grandparents and gone to the supermarket a couple of times, but other than that I’ve been a couch canine. In lieu of showing you photos of places I’ve been, I thought I’d share some fake pictures of me doing fun things. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Please send warm weather!!!

Downhill Daisy Does it Again!

Daisy, the Loco Luger, Coasts to 1st Place Finish!

Taking time out to build a SnowHound

After a long day on the slopes, Daisy cooks a delicious meal for her people. Yummy!



  1. Julie

    Daisy,, You are one talented coon hound! Your people
    are so lucky. Ever think of being a talk show host? P. S. love the pics!

  2. thanks for making me smile 🙂

  3. Love your bloggy, Daisy. Am sending summer weather now *blows warm air* Hope it warms you up. Hope you can come over to my place this weekend on the #AussieRoadTrip – you can take some sunshine in a bottle back with you xx

    • I am loving #AussieRoadTrip! You and Keely are two remarkable canines to be thinking of your friends when you are planning for your big day. Thank you! Thank You! And Thank you! I love the warm, summer weather! Love you too!

  4. Hi Daisy and her People, Gee, I did not know your middle name was “Julia”! That iconic photograph just made me giggle! Have a great day and coming weekend. Stay warm. I’m hoping that the Groundhog was right! : )

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