British Invasion

I like to listen to the radio when my people are at work. My people are old so they tend to like the oldies station. I don’t mind the music. In fact, I find it to be soothing. Lately they’ve been playing a lot of John Lennon’s music, getting folks excited about his birthday which is today. Even I have been caught up in the excitement. I find myself outside humming “In my Life” thinking about what a lucky hound I am to be an only canine with two people who love me and take me places (My people like to expose me to new things so that I’ll mature into a confident canine). So it wasn’t a surprise when they announced this morning that we were going for an outing.

In fact, I was thrilled since I had heard them talking about walking in a field. My people try to talk in code around me. They think if they spell or disguise their words that I won’t understand. But I understood immediately! I know John Lennon was a strawberry farmer before coming to the United States. I know he wrote a whole song about his strawberry fields (I don’t really understand all the lyrics but I know it’s about fruit). So of course, I knew my people were going to celebrate the day by bringing me to one of those peace rally sit-in’s like they had in the 70’s where everyone sat around, sung songs and ate fruit! I was so stoked! This was going to be the outing I would be able to brag to my online friends about. They would envy me. They would know that I had the coolest people on the planet! I jumped into that car like I was going to an all-you-can-eat barbecue!

We drove to a field in Concord, MA. There were lots of people enjoying the bright fall day. The leaves have just started to turn, but the rich hue of the sky made up for any lack of color. We walked along on a trail. I hadn’t seen anyone sitting around eating strawberries when we pulled in so I figured we had to walk to join the gathering. We reached a clearing that had a building called Hartwell Tavern. My people are not the tavern type, so I figured this must be the sit-in. Only the large group of people weren’t sitting, they were standing watching other people beat drums.

I’m pretty new to rallies, marches and general civil disobedience (civil disobedience is big in Concord), so I don’t always know what to expect. I know I expected red fruit. I know I didn’t expect red coats!  As in the British Red Coats! It was a British invasion of the wrong kind! I was trying to steer my people back to the car to escape when I was grabbed by the invading army! It was four British Regulars with guns vs. one Cowardly Coonhound with chattering teeth!

Okay, okay – I’m not proud. I was terrified. One had me by the collar, another by my leash. I had fallen into the hands of the enemy! I was a captured coonhound! I closed my eyes and started to hum the first John Lennon song that popped into my head: “All we are saying is give peace a chance”. I hummed it over and over. Maybe they would have mercy on me and let go back home with my people. Maybe they would spare my life.

Now at this point I bet you’re asking yourself, “where were Daisy’s people while she was being captured by the British?” You would think that they would be hysterical seeing their only canine fall into the hands of the enemy. You would think that they would throw themselves at the feet of these soldiers, trading their own lives for the life of the canine they love. Nope, not my people. My people were taking pictures of the big event! I don’t know if they expected Paul Revere to ride in so they could commission an engraving – (Hate to tell them but Paul Revere was captured in roughly the same spot!) – but perhaps the photos could have waited until we had escaped from the people with the guns! Especially since my people know that I’m afraid of guns – and loud noises in general.

I’m not sure what secret deal the soldiers and my people worked out, but after a couple of photos the soldiers released me. Just in case the soldiers changed their minds, I decided that we had to get back to our car as soon as possible. I pulled my people to the car, looking over my shoulder in case they were in pursuit. I didn’t relax until we were home and our doors locked. I decided that I don’t like sit-in’s where people stand. I don’t think I like strawberries either. In fact, I think I’ll just stick to dog biscuits. As for trying to impress my cyber-friends, I guess they’ll just have to be impressed that I’m a rescued canine who’s just happy to have a forever home with people that love me.


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