My person has been feeling much better so this weekend we went for a short hike. I’m very fortunate that I have people who enjoy the great outdoors. Yes, I have a nice yard but it’s not the same as getting out and smelling something new and making new friends. My people are always trying to discourage me from having friends over like Sally Skunk or Peter Possum. They believe that I should not be friends with animals with wild lifestyles. My people can be very traditional (and frankly, old fashioned!). That’s why I was beside myself just driving to our hiking spot – the thought of making new friends was just too exciting.

We had a great walk. The air was crisp and cool – perfect sniffing weather! You would not believe all the animals that live in that forest! Unbelievable! I feel sorry for my people though – they can’t appreciate all the rich aromas the forest has to offer. It’s a terrible handicap never to know if a deer, woodchuck or fox has wandered along before you on the path. I know my people try to be brave about their disability, so I try to pull them along to some of the more fragrant areas with the hope that maybe they can experience a little of the unseen world.

Half way through our walk, my person had a footing mishap and hit the ground. (Of course, this is another of my pet peeves about humans – people don’t have proper claws or pads to grip the earth! I just don’t know how humans have survived as a species!) My person was okay, just not in a great mood when we finally met the wildlife head on.

Now, I don’t want you to think bad things about my people – they’re only human and very protective. After all, I’m their only hound so you wouldn’t expect them to act any other way. I didn’t however, realize that my person would try to protect me from what they perceived as a threat. I should point out that people don’t have great instincts. They aren’t very good at sizing up wildlife. It’s why people pose their human children in front of bears and bison – they tend to be instinctually ignorant. I try my best to educate my people but if they think something is a threat there is no telling them otherwise!

That’s what happened when we were finishing our hike and met Bertha Beaver. Bertha approached in a non-threatening manner. She was big for her species, (winter’s coming soon, so everyone packs on a little weight) – but she wasn’t dangerous. In fact, I was happy to meet Bertha, since I’ve never seen a beaver up close. Since I like to gnaw on firewood, I also thought we had something in common we could talk about. My person however, assumed the beaver was dangerous the minute she looked at me! In fact, I thought my person was going to embarrass me in front of everyone by punching out Bertha! Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed (I would have bet on Bertha anyway). I was able to pull my person away to the car before they were hurt. Now what human would be crazy enough to tangle with a 5 foot tall beaver? I’m telling you, people don’t have any survival skills! It’s clear that I am going to have to be careful when I walk in the woods with my people. Sometimes I wonder how they ever survived without me!


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  1. Glad you had an enjoyable outing Daisy! Also glad your special person is feeling much better. You sure handled your introduction to Bertha Beaver well. Today’s post was a joy to read!

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