K9 Care

My person has not been feeling well, which means I’ve had to take my security hound hat off and put my Florence Nightinghound hat on. I’ve been trying to get my person to see a doctor for a month – (I could smell something was wrong) – but my person waited until they were so sick only bed and antibiotics could help. That means that over the past week I’ve had my work cut out for me!

Tuesday my person slept most of the day – in my spot! I have learned that people don’t understand that hounds have strategic locations in a home where we keep careful watch. It comes naturally for us, we know the spots where we can see, hear or smell someone or something invading our turf. It’s in our DNA. I don’t expect my people to understand this, being people and all. Besides, it wouldn’t matter since they’re under the impression that I spend my days lounging, watching TV, and surfing the internet. But it just so happens I take my security job very seriously! My secret security watch tower is from my person’s bed – and that was the spot my person was occupying! I was unsettled. How could I do my security job?

Finally I told myself: “Daisy, you need to forget your K9 security duties and care for your sick person.” So with a new mind set, I snuggled up to my person in the bed so I could keep them warm. It was such a wonderful, maternal moment – me caring for my person – but it was only a moment. What do you think I heard from my person? How is this for gratitude: “Daisy, move!”

Okay, I’ll admit maybe I was taking up most of the pillow. And I’ll also concede that I may have pushed a little too hard with my four paws while I was trying to stretch out – (I had a paw cramp) – but I certainly didn’t deserve to be thrown off the bed! That’s when I realized that people are difficult on good days, downright impossible on bad ones. My person is still not feeling well, but frankly I can’t cope with them taking any more time off work. I need to get back to my daily routine. I really hope my person gets better soon!


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  1. Hi Daisy & Her People, I admire a hound that takes her “Florence Nightingale” instincts seriously! I sure agree that your special person who is ill will get much better, and quickly so. Thanks for an especially touching post this time Daisy. Better take your usual good care of your people. P.S. – Remember not to hog the pillow & take care when stretching, too!

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