Native nightmares

I’m use to my people doing things on the spur of the moment. Yesterday was no exception. While one of my people was still snoozing away in bed, (that’s what you’re suppose to do on Sunday morning) the other sat drinking coffee surfing Google maps. Now for the record, I don’t think that drinking coffee while searching the internet is a good idea – people under the influence can do strange things. So I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that while I was still trying to digest my breakfast, (generally, I like to get up early, have my breakfast and doze while I fully digest – it’s better for my constitution), my people were suddenly both up, dressed and were headed for the door – me in tow!

Since my people have taken me on some great outings, I just followed along and took my place in the back seat without question. But after about an hour and a half, things started getting strange. My person, who was driving, asked my person, who was navigating, where the Indian’s head was. Immediately I sat up and started looking out the window for the headless pedestrian. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not the horror movie type of hound, but I am curious. After watching Boston Med this summer, you can’t blame a canine for wanting to further their human medical education. So yes, I wanted to see the headless Indian or at least the Indian’s head. All I saw were trees. And more trees. There were no Indians, headless or otherwise. We were out in the wilderness!

I became concerned about my person who was driving – too much caffeine is dangerous! They were upset about the missing head and then commented that they had wanted to take pictures in front of it! Sick! Then, the more I thought about it, I was concerned about my person who was navigating too! Didn’t they realize something was wrong? Why didn’t they take over the driving? Seeing headless people can’t be normal even for humans! Wanting to take pictures with them is just plain crazy! I started to panic! I began to flip through some tourist guides we had picked up at the last rest area. I needed to contact someone for help – but who – the police or the mental health experts?

That’s when I found it – the Indian’s Head! It was real. If you used your imagination – and more than a little racial stereotyping – you could see the face of a Native American in a rock formation on the side of the mountain. Which confused me even more – why would my person, who is Native American (Waccamaw) want to see the head of a rock Indian? Why not just look in the mirror and see a real Indian? Then it hit me – people are always saying that my person’s head is harder than a rock – so maybe my person wanted to see if it was true! Frankly, I always thought the saying was a figure of speech, a compliment that my person had houndish stubbornness and tenacity. I didn’t realize that my person had geological cranial anatomy!!! That would explain why my person is always complaining about how much they weigh – rocks can be heavy!!

I always considered myself lucky to be adopted by my people, but now I have a reason to really be proud (and to brag to the other canines as well!). Not only am I lucky enough to have a rock hard relationship with my people, but I have been adopted by real gems! They were diamonds in the rough, waiting for my expert canine talents to bring out their true, hidden potential. I’m am so lucky to have found my people! I’m going to tell the other canines that when I see them next week at the MSPCA Walk for Animals! In fact, I’ll tell that to anyone who will listen – yup, I won the puppy lottery!


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  1. I heartily agree with you Daisy, your people are the best! Great post today! Interesting rock formation & nice pictures!

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