My Big Day

The plans have begun and I can’t wait! My people went out today without me – they’ll be doing that a lot over the next couple of weeks – since they are in the process of making plans for my birthday. It’s not my real birthday, since I don’t know when I was born and apparently no one took notes (not surprising if you consider where I was born). What we’re celebrating is even better anyway – it’s my adoption day! September 13th will mark my first year in my forever home!

I’m pretty sure my people will make a big deal out of my adoption day, after all I am their only hound. When you’re adopted, it means that your people really wanted you! Adoption takes thought and planning. It’s not like walking into a mall pet store and buying the first tasty dog biscuit that you set your nose on. You really have to think: Do I want to give a needy canine a forever home? Do I have the time and patience that adopting a canine will require? My people are librarians, not to mention experienced dog guardians, which means they tend to research everything and aren’t ones to settle for the first dogs that flash their canines at them – that’s how I know they really wanted me!!

I met my people at Buddy Dogs Humane Society in Sudbury, MA in September 2009. We introduced ourselves, went for a walk and sat in the lobby talking and getting to know each other. We talked for quite sometime. My paper work listed me as a hound mix (which is what a Treeing Walker Coonhound actually is – part Walker Hound, part English Foxhound) –  but that ambiguity scared my people. ‘Hound mix’ didn’t give them enough information. I guess they wanted to know exactly what the mix was – which is crazy if you think about it. Does it really matter if I’m part scent hound part sight hound? Does it matter if I’m all scent hound? So I asked them what people mix they were, since I needed to know what to expect too. That stumped them. My point had been made. And so our relationship together began…

Which brings me to my birthday. I have mixed feelings – on one hand I’m hoping to have a big family get together. I’d like to have a barbecue with my people, my dogparents and my aunt, uncles and nieces. Of course I’d get lots of presents (but absolutely no doggie apparel!!!). My people would give me a day at the spa – (I found this place in Animal Wellness magazine that does canine massage!). Of course, I’d thank them profusely (they are so concerned about my health especially now that I have Lyme disease). We’d cry and hug (that’s what you do when you get thoughtful gifts from people you love). Then I imagine myself sitting on the sofa, eating barbecue chicken and cheese cubes while being patted and catered to – attention all on me, the birthday hound. Later, my people would bring out the cake – they’d all sing ‘Happy Adoption Day to You’ while I bayed along. We’d pose for pictures while my people would wipe the tears of joy from their eyes, unable to hide their pride of me shining in their faces.

Then I have this other birthday fantasy: my people and I would do something fun – just the three of us. I have thought about all sorts of fun places to go – but my people have already brought me to so many places -places I never dreamed of! I have visited the Massachusetts State House in Boston, lighthouses in Maine and monuments on mountains. They have brought me to so many beautiful places I can scarcely remember them all! They have tried to teach me that the world is really a wonderful, magnificent place. They have told me to remember that no matter how my life started, it starts again, anew, each morning. What I really learned is that I am a very lucky hound!!

My people have raised me to be a socially conscious hound, so the more I thought about it, the more I thought about all the other canines who aren’t as lucky as I am. That’s when I knew what I wanted to do on my birthday – Walk for the Animals with the MSPCA. As luck would have it, this years MSPCA Walk for the Animals is on September 12th – the day I actually met my people for the first time (Buddy Dogs Humane Society, in an effort to combat impulse adopting, requires adoptive parents to wait and think for 24hrs before taking their new friends home). I know I’m ready to walk now and I have been trying to exercise my people, so by September they should be fit enough to walk a block or two without panting. I think it’s the perfect event to celebrate the best year of my life so far!

That’s when I thought about something else – what if I could get everyone who read my blog or Facebook page or who read my Tweets to donate to the MSPCA Walk for Animals 2010 or their local Humane Society? Can you imagine what an incredible birthday present that would be?! Oh, by the way, my people have taught me one other thing this year – HOPE, never loose hope.

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  1. Petrina

    Hi Daisy,
    Coro, Wahoo and I want to wish you the best and happiest 1st Adoption Day. We hope you aren’t too exhausted from your MSPCA walk and still have energy to have fun on your big day. Looking forward to hearing about your 2 big days,
    Love Corozmum

    • I am still exhausted! Not only did my people take me to the MSPCA walk on Boston Common, they also took me for a walk to Faneuil Hall marketplace where we sat outside and had lunch. I enjoy people watching, but everyone wants to stop and say hello (being a celebrity canine is hard when you just want a private moment). Yesterday – the 13th – we had a thunderstorm so I did find that unsettling (but then I’m still so tired from the day before, I didn’t have that much energy to get upset about the thunder). I hope you are well – no more earthquakes I hope! (I did think of you when I watched the news). Thanks for the adoption day wishes!
      Love, Daisy

  2. Petrina

    PS Its the 13th here! We’re ahead of you timewise.

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