Terrible ticks

I know I didn’t write last week – so I apologize to all my fans. But it’s best to be forthright and honest so as to avoid any undue speculation as to why I was remiss in my duties. Last Thursday, I had a vet appointment. I am a very healthy hound – I exercise (mostly to get my people out and moving), eat right (yes, I have an occasional lick of ice cream that my people may offer, but I only do it to be social) – so my visit was to update my vaccines and to let the vet see how well I take care of my people. But I am test phobic, so I was nervous all week.

The visit went well. The vet complimented me on how fit and muscular I am and gave me a clean bill of health. Or so I thought. The next day my people received a call from the vet informing them that I had Lyme disease. We were all stunned. I do no allow any insect to bite or freeload on me!! Living out in the country, my people are very strict about this and take precautions.

I was devastated. I felt like I had let my people down – and they felt that they had let me down!! They felt like they didn’t do enough to protect me. I tried to tell them that I could have been bitten by the tick months ago, that it wasn’t their fault. We all hugged – that’s what families do when they hear bad news. We vowed to fight this terrible tick disease together! Then we did what women do at such trying times: Sunday we went shopping!

Not shopping at a mall – that would be too cliché – we went to a big outside craft fair in Gloucester, MA – so much more fun! We arrived at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester around 11am, and found a parking space at the top of the hill. If you’ve never been to Gloucester, it’s a wonderful ocean community. The 1999 film, “Love Letters” with Ellen DeGeneres, was filmed here. In fact, a fireworks scene in the movie was filmed in the very park overlooking the water where we attended our craft fair! Yes, I walked (and did other nameless things) where famous people once walked!!

It was an incredible day! The day was bright, the temperature in the low 80’s with no humidity. Standing at the top of the hill, I couldn’t believe what a glorious day it was. The smell of food – and temptation – was everywhere! My people, ever the educators, insisted we go on a short walk down the hill. We came across this statue, dedicated to the men and women who have fished these waters since the 1600’s. From the inscription, apparently people go down to the sea in ships. I looked in every direction and didn’t see anyone coming down to the craft fair in a ship (I saw a lot of cars and bicycles though) – so maybe they only go down to the sea Monday through Saturday, Sunday being car and bicycle day. I posed for a picture, chased a pigeon, and gave a cold stare to some seagulls before my people decided that we all needed to do what we had come to do – shop.

There were rows of craft vendors, unfortunately, except for the Cabot Cheese vendor (she gave out samples) and some guy who insisted that I really wanted an antler to chew on (I don’t do antlers!) – I didn’t really see anything. Of course, that was mostly because people kept stopping to admire my movie star looks (like I said, they filmed a movie here once, so these people know star quality when they see it). My people were very polite and answered their questions. Yes, I am a coonhound. Yes, I am descended from noble foxhounds. Yes, I have beautiful markings and a shiny coat. NO, I AM NOT A BEAGLE!

We were all getting hungry (sea air does that to you), so we walked around trying to decide on what to eat. I think we walked around three times weighing the possibilities. I wanted lobster rolls for a change, but my people insisted that we consider my health, so we all opted for turkey wraps instead. We sat by the water with our lunch, while watching the seagulls chase off some fishing boats. We shopped some afterwards, but frankly, when you’re a canine celebrity, it’s difficult to blend, unnoticed, into a crowd. I decided to just be in the moment and save my real shopping until today when I could get online, undisturbed by humans!

As it turned out, I didn’t shop today either. I was just exhausted from all that attention and shopping from yesterday! I did have to go to the vet to donate more blood when my people got home this afternoon, but aside from that, I’ve been putting my paws up. I’m not worried about the Lyme disease. My people will take good care of me – besides I have wonderful vets! I found a website that has information about Canine Lyme disease, so that has helped lessen my anxiety as well. I guess I’ve learned a valuable lesson: when it comes to ‘hangers on’ there are those who want to be near you because they want to bask in your shining star power and then there are those who just want to suck you dry and leave you broken. My advice? Always choose those who just want to hang on to you because they know you and love you anyway.

View from the Top: Gloucester Craft Fair 2010


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  1. Carole Hamilton

    Daisy you are one brave hound, and your people are pretty plucky too. So sad to hear about your recent quandary but I know your people love you and they that will speed your recovery.
    I was so excited to see that a road trip was your reward for being a brave girl. You are quite striking in your pose in front of the Fisherman’s Monument. I have a picture of myself in front of the very same spot, I was very young at the time, but each time I look at it I am reminded of the special day I spent there with my mother and girlfriend.
    Take care of yourself

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