On the Path

My people are on a health kick – which means I’m on one too. The only problem is that no one asked me. Frankly, I’m perfectly happy lying on the sofa, or on my person’s chair or in my person’s bed (I try and stay away from the floor since I find it’s rather hard). Don’t get me wrong, I believe in good health! I love my vet, but once a year visits are quite enough, so I take care of myself. I try to stay away from people food (though I do like a little taste of ice cream once in awhile). I exercise, but I’m perfectly content to wait until fall to do anything really strenuous.

We’ve been in a heat wave. The heat and humidity has been so bad my people have even said they would rather live through a New England winter! Personally, I would rather skip the winter – though I am very grateful that I picked people who have central air. I really don’t see any need to go out unless I really have to. Truth be told, I’m very comfortable. Exercise is the last thing on my mind. My people don’t seem to agree.

I think they feel guilty because we haven’t been going on regular long walks. I can’t convince them that it’s okay – I don’t mind! People forget that the pavement in 90 degree heat can burn my pads. They don’t make canine Reeboks (not that I’d be caught dead in them!) and panting can only cool you so much. They really shouldn’t feel guilty at all – not exerting your canine in this heat is being responsible! But they do. They’re afraid that I’m not being ‘stimulated’ enough. Parents! So when the weather finally broke last weekend, my people decided that we were going to have an out-of-doors exercise marathon.

Okay, I admit it was fun. We went to this state park that has a pond and hiking trails. It was exciting because we have never been hiking there before. I really like exploring new places. I like scenting and tracking – I think I have a talent for it. My people let me led the way (I think it was because one of my people forgot their glasses and couldn’t read the map and my other person doesn’t have much of a sense of direction). I was thrilled that they trusted me to get them through our hike safely.

And I was doing just fine – until we came to this major intersection. One of my people thought we should go right, the other thought left. Me, I knew we should go left. I was trying desperately to get them to go left. I kept my nose to the ground and tried to pull in that direction – they didn’t get it. It was now getting hot again. We’d been walking about an hour. We didn’t have water – no I take that back – we had water it’s just that my people forgot it in the car. We’re on a trail, at a crossroads and my people (Did I mention one couldn’t see the map and the other has no sense of direction?) are deciding where to go. Perhaps I don’t need to tell you what happened next: we ended up walking 15 minutes going in the wrong direction.

Oh, I wish I could tell you that they finally came to their senses and embraced me, begging me to rescue them. I wish I could tell you that they were praising my remarkable nose – asking for forgiveness for not trusting me and my talent. They didn’t. They didn’t have to – we were rescued. What saved us? Would you believe a fair maiden on horseback? Yup, we were saved by a woman on her fine steed, leisurely riding through the enchanted forest. How Medieval! How librarian-ish! How embarrassing!!

When we finally got back to the car, my people did praise me. One even said that they should have listened to me! I felt vindicated. We went to the pond to dip our paws in and have a picnic. Suddenly I didn’t feel so bad. We all got through the ordeal. I was part of a family. My family. We got through it together. So when my person opened the cooler, pulled out a piece of chicken and handed it to me – I felt rewarded. No it was more than that – I felt blessed.



  1. When it comes to that nose, there is none better than good dog Daisy!
    Glad the weather is a bit cooler. I agree that heat is tough on everyone – people and pooches! I am so glad your people know not to exercise you too much in the heat and to never leave you in the car when it is hot or even very warm!

    • I don’t like the heat -but neither do my people. They won’t even let me go for a ride while they do errands if it’s warm. I hope you are staying indoors as well, since it seems like most of the country is baking!

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