Going Gaga!

My people bought tickets to see Lady Gaga. I can’t wait to go! I have worked months trying to educate them on pop culture, and now I finally see the fruits of my labor! Lady Gaga here I come! Let me tell you it has been an uphill climb! Let me explain.

I live in an HGTV-DYI-Food Network household. Two old, nerdy librarian types don’t tend to tune into MTV or the Grammys. They listen to the likes of Susan Boyle or the Mama Mia soundtrack if they play music at all. That would be their extent of pop culture knowledge. So you can see how turning their attention to Lady Gaga was no easy feat – but the fates were with me.

My big break came when one of their co-workers emailed a YouTube link to them. It was like manna from heaven! Imagine Lady Gaga music with how to find things in a library – just like peanut butter and chocolate, perfect together!!! Then there was that day in February when Lady Gaga was on Good Morning America with Cyndi Lauper – BINGO! The interview appealed to their intellectual, social conscious, mainstream personas. I’ve discovered this is usually the best way to approach them especially with something as new and different as Lady Gaga. It’s not that my people are closed-minded, it’s just that they like to take things slowly. Very slowly. The sudden shock of seeing a performance artist like Lady Gaga without having been carefully prepared could have had a devastating effect. They would have shut down – and I would have lost my big chance.

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan! I think it’s because she appeals to my creative coonhound side. I can be quite the vocalizer when the mood strikes. I love to bay to cats when I get the chance (they make a good audience because they’ll just sit and watch you, lazily waving their tail in time to your baying – especially if they like the beat). I also have a strong fashion sense. I have been watching the work of San Francisco photographer Jesse Freidin (I so wish my people would go to California so I could have a professional photo for my blog!) He’s just fantastic! He has been photographing Canine Gaga fans and has a whole gallery exhibit titled “The Doggie Gaga Project”! Can you believe it? Who knew there were so many canine Gaga fans?!  Anyway, though I usually like the natural look, I thought the night of the concert I would dress up and get into the spirit of things. Mr. Freidin photographed a canine in the very outfit I would have picked out for myself:

Obviously the outfit would look better on me (my ears wouldn’t stick out so badly – what was that canine thinking?).  Thankfully, the concert is months away so I have plenty of time to save enough aluminium foil for my costume.

I have also been trying to get my people to bring home some of Lady Gaga’s music so I can learn the songs before the big night. I want to be able to sing along with everyone – it’s half the fun. My favorite Gaga song is “Paparazzi”. I can relate to people following your every move with a camera. Being a celebri-dog like myself I know it’s just part of being a famous canine. It’s just hard during private, intimate times. I just remind myself that it all for my fans. I LOVE my fans! You bring joy to my life and I hope I do the same for you…so here’s looking at you!




  1. Dear Daisy-
    You’re quite the stylish little hound. Come visit California and I’ll take some beautiful photographs of you, that I know your librarian guardians will cherish forever. I like books, too. They’re good. My dog Pancake likes to eat them. That’s all for now.

    • I loved your concept and wish I could actually see your whole exhibit! Daisy would benefit from a real photographer as well…she is very timid however, so I’m not sure I could get her on a plane. I hope she can bring some attention to your work. Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?

  2. This post sure was a fun read! Thanks Daisy! Hope your people had or have fun at the performance.

  3. I just re-read the post and saw that that Lady Gaga concert or performance is months away – so I hope your people will enjoy it.

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