Just be

People have a difficult time with acceptance. They are always trying to change things. You see, when my people are at work I browse their book shelves. Lately, I’ve been reading up on Buddhism (the bald people in bathrobes on the covers were smiling, so I thought these would be happy, uplifting books to read). As I started to read, I realized that acceptance was a major theme.  People, it seems, are never happy. If they have money they are unhappy. If they don’t they are still unhappy. If they are young, they want to be old – when they are old they want to be young. They can never accept anything! The bald people in bathrobes were trying to explain that sometimes you just need to let things be.

From observing my people in the yard moving plants from one place to another, I realized my people had issues with acceptance. They couldn’t accept that the plants might just like to root where they were. Maybe the plants didn’t want to move to a more shady place. Maybe the plant liked being in the hot sun. It didn’t matter – my people have trouble just accepting things as they are. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just my people who have this issue! I have heard from many canines who tell me the same is true of their people and even themselves!!

Some things should just be accepted: grass should be green, water should be blue and dogs should be dogs. It is this last point where people and some canines have their most difficult time. Let me share some questions from some of my readers:

Tom from Tennessee

Dear Daisy,

My people are avid birders. I don’t have a problem with that, I enjoy watching the birds too. Lately though, I’ve been feeling that my people are disappointed in me. Sometimes I think they really wanted a pet bird! I try to be the best canine I can be, but it doesn’t seem good enough. How can I get them to accept me as their four footed unfeathered friend?          TOM

TOM: First, I advise losing the turkey outfit before Thanksgiving. Then work on embracing your inner canine! Stop trying to be something that you aren’t! Look in a mirror, puff out your chest and say to yourself, “I am a fine four-footed canine, a warrior dog! My people love me for the canine I am.”   DAISY

Angelica from Atlanta

Dear Daisy,

My people are Italian Americans who own a famous restaurant. I love to eat left overs, but frankly, I really feel like I’m playing second fiddle to the restaurant. How can I get them to focus more on me and less on pasta? ANGELICA

Dear Angelica,

Wearing angel hair pasta is not going to make your people love or notice you more. If anything I would think it could be dangerous dressing up as the daily special around hungry, inattentive people! Get a good brushing and turn on your canine charms – then pester your people until they notice that you are the most important thing in the universe!  DAISY

Amelia in Alaska

Dear Daisy,

After reading your blog, I feel like an underachieving canine. I want to go places and do things! I want to explore all that the world has to offer, just like you! When I told my people this they laughed. I’ve decided that I’m just going to takeoff! How do I get my feet off the ground?


Dear Amelia,

It’s very important for canines to stay grounded – our people depend on us for this! Be yourself!! You can travel the world through books – the internet is great too – so you don’t need to leave the comforts of home! If you were wearing the aviator goggles when talking with your people, then that was why they were laughing! Amelia dear, green doesn’t look good on you! – Always wear black googles, your eyes won’t look so big that way. Keep your feet on the ground and your dreams flying high!     Love, DAISY



  1. I’m accepting that Daisy’s people and friends have a wonderfully keen sense of humor! This post made my day! Thanks for the fun, and yes, be yourself!

    • Can you believe what some people do to their pets? You just can’t make some things up! Thankfully Daisy does not personally know any of those poor dogs in the photos.

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