Mainely Vacation

My people decided that it was time for vacation. I didn’t know what “vacation” was so I thought I’d better look it up. The dictionary said it was “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.” Frankly this confused me – I thought that’s what my people did almost every weekend. Since I adopted my people, we have been to the beach (we do that a lot  since my people like the beach), walking in the woods, going into Boston to visit the ducks where I met Mrs. Mallard who is a celebrity duck (I was star struck!), and visiting historical landmarks. I wasn’t quite sure why this “vacation”  was a special thing. What could we possibly do that would be any different then what we did all the time??

I found out on Day 2 of our vacation! My people packed the car early on Tuesday and we drove to Maine. I admit I was very worried since they had packed my bed. I thought maybe they were bringing me on an extended stay…and leaving me there. Okay, I’m an insecure hound – but I am a former shelter dog so I’m still in recovery. I still wasn’t sure why this trip would be different, after all we drive to Maine all the time. When we got into Maine, my people kept driving until we were in a city called Portland. My people picked this place because they said it was dog friendly. My people are librarians so I’m sure they throughly researched this fact – and it turned out to be true! I was welcomed into a hotel where I was able to rest on the bed with my people after our long drive. We ate dinner in our room and just vegged out. So this was vacation – It was awesome!!

My people had picked up some travel brochures, so as we were vegging out I took a look at them. I found this walking trail called the Back Cove Trail which looked like something I would enjoy. The next morning I talked my people into checking it out. The weather wasn’t great, it was overcast, but that turned out to be a good thing. The trail (one of many in Portland) was 3 1/2 miles long! I didn’t realize until we were a mile and a half out that I was really out of shape. I’m not sure when I turned into a couch canine – but boy was I hot and tired! The great thing was, that along the trail, there were these bubblers where humans – and their canines – could grab a drink. The people in Portland actually had  bowls on the bottom of the bubblers for canines! It was a first for me. It made me feel so special and welcomed.

My people wanted to visit a few more places, so I didn’t have a nap that day. I realized then that the dictionary describing vacation as “an extended period of recreation” meant that you walked ’til you dropped. I was exhausted. In fact, I find I’m still trying to recover. Thankfully, my people said vacation was over. I’m not sure I could have coped with much more. I enjoyed being with my people but thankfully vacation is over. Tomorrow I plan on sleep, sleep, and more sleep.


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