New neighbors, again!

I just discovered my people have been trying to make extra money on the side (they’re librarians – it doesn’t pay much so I understand). I just didn’t expect that they would take in borders! Yesterday I discovered that they have been renting our shed to a family. I mean, what are they thinking? It was only a month or two ago that we had that serious problem with the squatter skunk who didn’t bathe, now they’ve gone and rented the shed out!

I tried to talk to them about it. I tried to reason with them. I tried to tell them this was a mistake. Nothing. They pooh-poohed me. They made excuses and tried to reassure me by saying they’ve had borders every summer for the past 3 years. I’m bummed! Don’t my people realize that this is my first summer in my new home? Maybe I would have liked to have a summer without borders? Maybe I would have liked to spend the time in the sun with just me and my people without others around? Okay, maybe I’m a little self centered – but I wanted this first summer to be special!

Anyway, today I met the neighbors for the first time. I guess my people rented to a single mother. I saw two of the kids peeking out from the shed this afternoon. My people are a bit fuzzy as to whether there are 2, 4 or 5 kids – (though it seems like you should know this stuff if you rent out your shed -but what do I know I’m just the dog).

I have to admit that the family is a bit reclusive. I waited by our gate for half an hour trying to get a look at them. My person dragged me in the house with a leash and told me I was being rude. I just wanted to see what they looked like! Anyway, I’m hoping that this is a good sign and they’ll keep to themselves.

My people have been trying to tell me about the family. They told me they were vegetarians, so that’s good. I guess the dad took off before the kids were born so the mom is trying to feed and raise the kids by herself. I know what it was like for me trying to raise a litter by myself so I guess I should be more compassionate.

My people found a picture on the internet of the mother and father before the children were born (and they split). They showed it to me so I’d know what our borders look like. My people want me to stop staking out their shed like some canine paparazzi in an attempt to get a look. They don’t want me to make the family feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, so I guess I understand. I admit, they looked like a nice, happy couple – though I’m not sure about their taste in clothing. Take a look:

Mr. & Mrs. happier times

Maybe that’s why they are no longer together – I mean if my people made me dress up like Mr. & Mrs. Marmot I’m not sure our relationship could survive either. I mean just look at that guy in the green! It really does nothing for his complexion and leisure suits are so yesterday! I’m an advocate for the natural look – and from what I’ve seen in our yard today, I’m happy to say that Mrs. Marmot has seen the error of her past clothing styles! Time does give you perspective.

You know, maybe in time Mrs. Marmot and I might get to be friends. Maybe she’ll have me over for herbal tea and we could talk about our children and the challenges of getting them through the formative months. Maybe I’ve been unreasonable and my people were just trying to change my perspective. You know having a border for the summer might be fun! I think I might like having neighbors afterall.


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  1. What a hoot! I personally just love Marmots of any and all types. I am crazy about the Woodchucks or as I like to call them, Groundhogs! Thanks Daisy for yet another view of your world!

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