Diggin’ the digging

My people like to garden. I’ve never had a garden before so I was anxious to see how you do it. On Saturday, we all went outside to garden (I like doing things as a family!) I watched my people look at some plants, while they talked and pointed. Then they walked to another part of the yard and looked and pointed some more. This was very confusing. Gardening looked a lot like talking and pointing, and frankly, I got a little bored and went to lay in the sun.

I must have dozed off, since the next thing I knew, we had a big hole in our yard! I watched as my people walked to another part of the yard and dug another hole. Now I’m not a genius canine (I’m not the border collie type of dog), but gardening looked a lot like digging to me. I looked at my people who were covered in dirt. They had dirt piled next to both the holes they had dug and they were smiling while they continued to dig. That’s when I realized that this was a family activity I could get into!

While my people were busy with their holes, I thought I’d help them garden in another part of the yard. I sniffed around a bit (I figured it would be the same as talking and pointing), then decided where I would start to garden. I decided that I would start next to the house foundation since it’s warm there – in case I got tired and wanted to rest again – and besides that’s where the mice and chipmunks run through so maybe I’d find one!

I ran into an obstacle almost immediately. The place where I wanted to dig had this thing sticking out. It looked like some twigs so I grabbed a mouthful and yanked it out of the ground. Much to my amazement it came out with all this stuff attached at the bottom. I had to drop the twigs and dig some more so I could free the sticks. By the time I was finished digging out the twigs, I realized that I had spent a lot of time on this one hole. I don’t know how long gardening is suppose to take, but since my people were already in another part of the yard digging more holes, I thought I should garden in another spot too.

This time I went into the backyard – it was getting hot and it’s shady back there. I sniffed around again and picked my spot. I started digging and again ran into another twiggy thing. I was starting to think that maybe this gardening stuff was more work than fun. But my people were still digging and smiling, so maybe I just wasn’t putting my all into this activity. I grabbed the twiggy thing and yanked. I yanked and yanked. It seems to run under the ground for at least two feet maybe more! I was getting tired – I couldn’t seem to get the long twiggy thing out of my way so I could dig my hole. I needed to rest so I laid down in the grass under our tall oak tree.

Apparently I dozed off again, because the next thing I knew one of my people was saying “Oh Day- zeeee!” – but not in a good way. I thought maybe I’d fallen asleep on their flowers (they’re a bit touchy about that) – but, no I was still in the grass. They were pointing at my failed attempt at gardening. I felt bad – I mean, I really tried to help but the twiggy things kept getting in the way. I had disappointed my people.

That’s when something strange happened – my person walked over to me, shook their head then patted me and smiled! This was confusing. My people weren’t upset with me after all! I think that were just surprised that I would want to get my paws dirty. (I think they think I’m just a house canine – but really I’m a rugged coonhound – I just like sofas and fine living). I guess I did okay with my first attempt at gardening. I like doing things as a family. It’s is fun – but frankly, next time, I’d rather be chasing seagull on the beach!


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