New Friends

My people have realized that I need canine companionship. I’m not sure if that decision was made after I chewed another wicker wastebasket (it was crunchy and satisfying) or when I gnawed off a corner of their wooden antique bed (it was aged, smooth and emotionally soothing). I’ll admit chewing is my vice. I get a bit nervous being home alone. I mean, what if someone decided to break in and dognap me? Don’t laugh – it happens! Who wouldn’t want a good looking coonhound? What if they grabbed me and I ended up back in a kennel? Or worse, what if I was sent back to my former life? I just couldn’t go back to a life of coon hunting – I’m just not a night canine! I have a new life. I love my freedom. I love my Kongs. I love my sofa. I love my people!!

I thought when I heard them talking about canine companionship that it meant that I was going to get a new canine housemate. That was a relief and exciting! I wouldn’t be alone. I’d have a new friend, someone who could speak canine. Someone to run and play with. (My people are wonderful but they’re not very fun to play games with – after one sprint around the yard, they’re panting and bent over – you hardly get a game going before they quit!!). I started to think about all the wonderful things my new friend and I could do. I would give them my crate (I don’t really use it), we could chew on rawhide together (I’d take the marinated ones until my new friend got use to the whole rawhide thing). We could howl at the neighborhood cats, sniff out the skunk under the shed. My thoughts were going on and on. Then I heard one of my people say:  “She needs companionship but we ARE NOT getting another dog!”

I was bummed. My people use the computer a lot so I thought they had fixed me up with a virtual cyberdog. I know I’m a 21st century canine but I don’t want a canine-cyber friend! What fun is that? The computer doesn’t have wonderful natural aromas you can sniff together – and whoever heard of a cyber-howl? I started thinking that my people really didn’t understand my needs. I resolved myself to being a lonely only.

Sunday we climbed in the car as a family pack. My people are the Sunday driver type. I thought we were just running errands when they pulled into a new place. It wasn’t PetSmart so I was surprised when they took my leash and told me we were going in together. When we got to the door however, I balked – everywhere I smelled it was of canine! I didn’t know what to do – I panicked what if my people were really upset about the wicker wastebaskets and the bed. What if they were getting rid of me??? My person yanked me through the door, my pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears. I crossed my paws and prayed.

It was very different inside this new building. There were other dogs who were sniffing excitedly. I asked my fellow canines what was happening, but before they could answer my people dragged me away into another room. That’s when I had a huge surprise – there were other dogs with their people in this big playroom! One of the other canines told me it was time to break free of my people play bow and romp! So I did! I had a great time. Everyone was having a great time. People were taking pictures – which is when I noticed my people looking a little embarrassed. I heard one of my people commenting that they hoped no one caught wind that we had gone to a play group. I’m not sure why they would be embarrassed – I know I wasn’t watching all the time, but I didn’t see anyone sniffing their butts (that first butt sniff is usually the most embarrassing) – but I don’t think that is what happened at all. My people are the shy type. They just don’t want anyone to know that they have this soft spot for their only canine. I may not have a new canine house mate, but I did find a roomful of canine friends – and apparently two people who love their canine one heck of a lot!!

…did I mention that I’m really sorry about the wastebaskets and that corner of the bed??


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  1. Aw, how sweet to be able to have a pup play group! That’s such a nice thing for Daisy’s people to have arranged for her. I’m sure that Daisy appreciated meeting new canine friends.

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