My people have this new obsession about tracking down their pedigree. They spend hours on the computer trying to track down who sired them. They apparently need papers to prove they had parents and grandparents. I don’t have papers. I don’t really need them. It’s not that I wasn’t sired (I’m here aren’t I?) it’s just that I don’t need to prove I’m a coonhound. Okay, maybe it would be helpful to show people I’m not a beagle -(but they probably wouldn’t read or believe my papers even if I had them) and frankly the other dogs I’ve met just sniff out the information that’s important.

People are interested in papers. They have papers for everything. My people have papers from when their relatives were born, when they moved, when they died – apparently people can’t do anything without paper (and they don’t like it much when you sit on their paper either!) All their paper is about things that have happened in the past. Paper and the past have become a preoccupation. It makes me worried about my people.

I realize people are not as intelligent as canines but how come they aren’t more focused on things happening now? My person spent the weekend looking up dead people when I was right next to them waiting for a walk. Did we go out and enjoy a nice long walk? No! However my person did discover dead relatives from the 1700’s! Frankly my only interest in a person that old would be using them for dental floss. Sorry, my person thinks that last comment was too out of line – but I’m a frustrated canine! I needed to be out in the good weather and now it’s going to rain for forty days and forty nights! (Did I mention I hate the rain?)

People need to learn balance. They need to live in the present and not worry so much about what happened in a past they didn’t live and can’t change. I understand they are curious, but they should be equally curious as to why they didn’t smell the skunk today or why a flock of red-winged blackbirds have all decided to sing in our yard. People need to learn from their canines: snuggle when you need to be close, howl when you find something really exciting that you want to share, and don’t be afraid to take an afternoon nap with the people you love. Yup, take it from a canine – where you came from is never as important as where and with who you are with right now.


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