Home Improvements

It was a beautiful New England weekend. My people said is was very warm for this time of the year, but since this is my first spring up here, I’ll take their word for it. Unfortunately instead of spending the weekend outside, they decided to do home improvement projects inside instead. (Okay, we did go for a walk Saturday but I was hoping we could have the whole weekend to play outside!) My people wanted to paint their new sun room. I don’t see why it couldn’t wait. Then again, I don’t really see the need to paint it at all. It was perfectly fine the way it was.

People have this thing about decorating and painting – I guess it’s not just my people either. There is this TV channel that my people watch, where other people build and decorate their houses. Hour after hour people build, decorate and landscape. It’s a people obsession – I don’t understand it! Anyway, I decided that since we couldn’t go out and play together until they had the room painted, that I would help.

They didn’t want my help. All I heard every time I got near the paint can was, “Daisy, No!”, “Daisy, Go away!” Apparently they think only people can paint and decorate. Ha! I decorate every time they leave the house! I like moving things around – I move shoes and underwear – I believe that fragrant items should be kept close to ones nostrils, so I take those things to place in our living area or on the bed where I like to nap. But as soon as my people come home, they change all my hard work. (My people don’t understand my decorating sense – I mean what do people know??) I wanted to show my people that I could help decorate. I really wanted to try my paw at painting.

I discovered that people can get possessive when they paint. I was planning to paint using my tail, since I can reach high with it. I thought if I nuzzled up to them they would see that I really wanted to help. They did everything but growl and snap at me! When I got close they threw themselves over the paint can. They started waving their paint brushes like some crazed Michelangelo! You would think that my helping would destroy their greatest masterpiece! Needless to say, no matter how I tried they didn’t let me help.

I think I’m going to have to work extra hard to help my people take things and themselves, less seriously. Afterall, I redecorate every day and I’ve learned that each day gives me a new opportunity to try something new. I take it as a challenge! People shouldn’t be afraid to try new things or let someone (even their canine!) give them a hand now and then. I think I also need to help my people see that they need to be outside enjoying the blue sky, not inside trying to paint it on a wall. Real home improvement happens by spending more time together and enjoying the talents and gifts we give to each other.


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