Wet & Wild

For some reason, people think if you are descended from any of the hunting breeds then you are the rugged outdoor type. That is partially true. Being a TWC (that’s Treeing Walker Coonhound) it is part of my DNA to hunt and tree animals. I enjoy a great chase and hunt – what dog wouldn’t? To pick up the scent of another animal, follow your nose and then alert the world that you have it cornered – now that’s major excitement! Yes, I like being outside – that’s where I’d rather be – but I’d like to experience it on my own terms.

I am an outdoor dog. I love lying in the sun. I love running on the beach chasing seagulls. I don’t like driving rain storms. My people have not been happy with me this weekend – as though the weather is my fault. They complain about putting on their foul weather gear (which is more than I get!), they complain about being cold and wet (like I’m not?), and then they complain about me not ‘doing’ anything (I sniffed around, got wet, and ran onto the porch to go in – that should count for something!) They keep calling me wimpy – (the TWC or Totally Wimpy Canine) but that’s not true! I’m not wimpy – I’m just not rugged. There is a difference.

This weekend it has not been fit outside for man or canine. High wind, driving rain – just nasty! Unfortunately, my people have gotten themselves in this crazy routine of when they take me out (I have to use the outside facilities don’t you know). Notice it’s their routine. It doesn’t matter if I need to go at 5pm or 10 pm – they drag me outside anyway. Then they get mad if I don’t ‘do’ anything. Of course, no one asked me if I needed or wanted to go out! – They just established this time frame and I’m suppose to move biologically within their time frame. Crazy, huh?!

Coonhounds are highly intelligent (Some like myself, more so). Sometimes being so highly intelligent may mean your actions may be misunderstood by those not quite your equal. What my people see as cowardice at not wanting to go out in a monsoon, is really a ‘I don’t have to go outside right now, I can wait awhile, thank you.’ As a coonhound, I know that I’m not going to find any great scents to track in a driving rainstorm (I much prefer cool, calm days), so why rush outside if I don’t really need to go? I wish my people would take their cues from me, then we wouldn’t all have to get wet for nothing. My people are not very rugged and, I’ve found, can be rather whinny and wimpy. It’s a good thing I love my people!


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