Guests Stink!

I am exhausted. My people are in the process of having a sun room added to the house. It’s probably a good thing since the house is so small, without it, I’ll never be able to get my own sofa. Over the past week or two it has been non-stop commotion. Between the hammering, the drilling, the radio playing and noises which I don’t know and don’t want to know about, a canine can’t get any restful shut eye! When the weekend comes, instead of resting,  my people go non-stop and feel compelled to drag me with them.

Last week, I didn’t mind too much since I went with my person to play the scent game – that was fun. This week, the weather was very spring like so my people spent the time outside cleaning the yard. For two days, we have been raking, picking up leaves and sticks – all the while trying to avoid the stench. I won’t keep you in suspense – the stench is from a skunk that moved into our yard. I think my people may have adopted it.

Originally it moved under the house where it is very dark. My people didn’t want the skunk being in the dark, so they brought out the spotlights they use at Christmas and put them on a timer so the skunk would have lights all night. I thought that was very thoughtful. I’ve never had an encounter with a skunk, but I imagine they like watching TV and reading at night like everyone else. My people didn’t have an extra TV but they at least rigged up lights so it could read. I think my people know the skunk personally because they keep calling him by name. It’s been Pepe this and Pepe that for over a week. They’ve bent over backwards for him! They went out and bought coyote urine and sprinkled it all around his den just so it would smell nice!

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m a bit jealous. I don’t see what they see in ‘Pepe’ – he isn’t as intelligent as me (I bet he doesn’t have a blog!) not to mention he smells aweful! Okay, I have a houndy aroma but that is nothing in comparison. Maybe my people just can’t smell. People don’t smell as well as canines – but how could anyone not pick up on that skunk’s stench?!  And then there’s the digging. He has dug 2 holes in the yard so far – if I did that I’d get “Daisy, no! Stop digging”.  “Oh Daisy, my garden!”. I don’t see them confronting Pepe about his digging and he’s digging ankle breakers!

To make matters worse, I’m not sure that Pepe appreciates all that my people are doing for him. He moved out from under our house and moved in next to our shed. Again my people rigged up lights for him so he could see at night and sprinkled the coyote urine around his new den. I realize they love animals, but Pepe has never once said thank you! I appreciate all that my people have done for me. I try to repay them with a canine smile, or by just making room for them on the sofa. I play with them when they want to throw a ball – (People, I’ve observed, like throwing balls which is why, I guess, they have games like baseball and football). My point is I love my people. I try to be there for my people. I know Pepe is a love’em and leave’em kind of skunk and my people will be heartbroken when he leaves. But I’m their forever canine. At the end of the day, I’ll be there for them when Pepe is but a distant scent trail. Yawn…sorry, it’s been a long weekend. Being there for people is very hard work!


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