Weekend Weary

Daisy & The Minuteman

My people are working this weekend – all I can say is “Hallelujah!” You’d think I’d look forward to some quality time with my people.  I do, but sometimes two days is enough. Last weekend was a holiday (I don’t fully understand human holidays) – but it was something to do with presents with dents.

Anyway, last Saturday we went for a long walk on Battle Road in Lexington/Concord.  Apparently this walking path is revolutionary – all I can figure is it must have been the first walking path in the country so everyone makes a big deal about it. I had a good time, sniffed a few fellow canines and enjoyed the fresh air. I was tired when we got home and thought I’d take a nap. My people decided to start a fire in the fireplace and put their feet up too. At least I thought that was the plan.

At first I had no idea what was happening. I opened my eyes, half asleep. My people were both around the fireplace one saying something about “flew”, the other one saying “It’s open”, then the other saying “It can’t be”. I had no idea what they were talking about.  My first thought was ‘bird’! A bird must have flown in an open window. I couldn’t figure out why they would have opened a window in the first place given that it wasn’t that warm outside – but people I’ve discovered do strange things, so I let it go.

I looked around the room – it was filling up with smoke. I must admit I was confused. If a bird flew in a window, why would you try to smoke it out of the house? That seems rather extreme to me. Granted, I’m not a bird expert, but I usually just run up to them really fast and they take off.

I kept looking around the room. The smoke was getting thick. I couldn’t see or hear the bird, but I kept looking. I knew that soon I was going to have to step in and take matters into my own paws.  At that point, apparently in a last ditch effort, one of my people decided to take a towel and start flapping around the room with it. The flapping and prancing went on for ten minutes! It was bizarre. I threw my paws in the air – how can I hear the bird and flush it back out the window with all that human flapping?! Did they think they were communicating with the bird by flapping at it? Truthfully, my people were freaking me out!

When the smoke finally cleared, my people acted as though nothing ever happened. I never did see the bird so all I can figure is that at some point it flew back out the window. Then I thought about it -maybe our long walk had been too much for them. Maybe there had never been a bird in the first place and their behavior, the smoke and flapping, was a result of some strange human fatigue syndrome. I worry about them – they aren’t puppies anymore. I kept an eye on them for the rest of the evening – but they seemed fine.

Needless to say, I worried the rest of the weekend every time we went for a walk. I was worried that we’d get home and they would begin acting strange again. I couldn’t relax. I was so happy when Tuesday came and they went back to work. It’s really a lot to ask for a canine to look after her people for three straight days. At least this weekend I can relax and take comfort in knowing that the next long weekend is in April. Have I ever told you that people are exhausting???


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