When Our Eyes Met

I knew the moment our eyes met that this person was the one. It was a Saturday morning in September.  I really didn’t expect this day to be different than any other: get up, go outside, have breakfast – all the while hoping someone would open their heart to me.

I had been born and raised in a kennel. I had my litter in a kennel – although the details are distant memories for me now. I had heard stories about people who would come to kennels, adopt canines and take them home. These canines, it was said, were treated like royalty by their people! I heard all sorts of fantastic lore about people who gave their canines’ sofas, took them on trips and gave them treats like chicken! Although I never believed it was true, I was hopeful. Sometimes when you are in a circumstance that you don’t really like, all you really have is hope. You dream and you hope. So when I saw that person on that fall morning I could only hope that they would meet my eyes and see into my heart and take me home with them.

My people were at the kennel looking for a cocker spaniel. I didn’t think I’d have a chance, since I knew there was one about 6 kennel runs before mine. I had to think of a strategy to even be considered – so I stood at the front of my kennel run and used my hound dog good looks to lure the person to me. It worked – the person looked at me and knelt so we were eye to eye. I sniffed the offered hand, hopeful. I gave them that pitiful hound dog look. They turned and walked away!! In hindsight, I think I over did it with the hang dog hound look.

My heart fell – but I didn’t give up! I held my ground, never taking my eyes off that person. I kept thinking ‘be the one, take me home – be the one, take me home’. My person turned around, knelt again and started to talk to me. I didn’t understand one word they were saying so I just kept sniffing and nodding. It worked – we had a canine-human connection! We went for a walk (the kennel people told me when they want to take you for a walk it’s like a test drive – tests make me nervous so I really needed to go out by then – besides I was really nervous they would notice the cocker spaniel and wouldn’t want me). There was a lot of talking. They talked to each other. They talked to the kennel people. They talked to me. We walked. They talked. I kept quiet.

In the end, I found my forever home. I discovered all the canine lore I’d heard, hoped and dreamed about was true! I have a sofa (I share it with my people but that’s okay – I share their bed too when their not home- they don’t know I do so don’t tell!). I go on trips where I’m encouraged to do new things. I get chicken and all sorts of treats. Most importantly if there’s one thing I’ve learned since living with my people it’s that if you find a special someone (canine or human) who will go out with you in subzero weather, who will crawl on the floor and play or chase you around the house and laugh, someone who will cuddle with you and kiss you softly on the head – you have more than you could ever have dreamed or hoped for – you have LOVE.


1 Comment

  1. Daisy

    Hi, Im so glad you found your forever home 🙂 My name is Daisy
    Doolittle & I live in mich. We have Doberman Pinschers & Min Pinschers..
    We do rescue for those breeds, there are so many Dobes especially
    needing homes.. so sad..
    I see many of your breed at the UKC dog shows in mich..
    Hugs to you & family…

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