Breaking Point

I am a rugged dog. I need to say that so there is no misunderstanding. However, even rugged dogs have their limits.

Let me explain. This morning I woke up at my usual time around 5:50am. My person was wasting a perfectly good morning, so I woke them up too. We went outside at which point I froze. Literally froze! Of course my person had put my heavy winter coat on me, but I was not prepared for the frigid temperatures – again.

Yes, I said again. It was easily five degrees out there and windy to boot! What is it with this New England weather? How is a short-haired dog suppose to cope??  I’m a Coonhound not a Newfie, which I’m beginning to believe are the only canines that should live north of the Mason-Dixon. In Virginia we’d have cold weather but it would get warmish again fairly soon – I’m just not prepared for this type of climate. Unfortunately, my people are.

Northerners, it seems, have a perverse sense of an acceptable climatological environment. I soon regretted waking up my person! Now, I’m sure as a sympathetic reader, (especially if you’re a lady like myself), you can understand why I did not want expose myself to such butt chilling air. As soon as that door opened and I stepped outside I knew I had made a serious mistake. My person was not sympathetic. I tried to run back into the house, into my warm bed, but found that my leash was quickly slapped onto my collar. I was forced to march around the yard as the frigid winds pinned my ears back. It was an Arctic hurricane! My person kept saying over and over, “Do what you need to do!”. I knew what I needed to do – go back inside! We marched around outside for five maybe ten minutes. In the end, I held my own.

It seems that people have a breaking point – six o’clock in the morning with  -10 windchills seems to be that point. I think my person wanted to go in the house and back to bed as much as I did. People just don’t like admitting (especially to their canines) that they have a weakness. They need to get over that issue. I am a perfect example of a rugged canine hunter. I am not too proud to admit however that I also have weaknesses – one which just happens to be my unwillingness to empty my bladder on arctic New England mornings.


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