Muffs & Fluff

People confuse me.  I know they don’t mean too – it’s just that they are unable to think dog.  I’ll give you a perfect example: when I was first adopted by my people, they realized that I had always lived in a kennel. I was not use to the games people – or other dogs – played. Everything was new and strange to me. They decided that they would help me find my inner canine. So thinking I was a scent hound, they bought some rabbit pelts and some rabbit scent in a bottle. When we got home they put the scent on the pelts, hid them and then told me to find them. Well, I had a wonderful time playing find the rabbit!!  I was alive!! I must say, it really was the first time I was allowed to really use my talents. It was incredible!

Now let’s fast forward ahead. I was walking along the beach with my people a week or two ago.  I’m using my nose full time (the beach has great smells you don’t find in my yard). A woman approaches very close to us. I assume she wants to say hello and tell me how cute I am (people always stop and do that). I turn on my canine charm – because I’m sure she is going to pat me. Then I see it! Her hands are tucked inside this brown furry ball – RABBIT!!! I found the RABBIT!! I can’t believe my good fortune: she is going to tell me how wonderful I am AND give me the rabbit! My inner canine was coursing through me. I reached up so she wouldn’t have to reach down, I open my mouth to gently take the rabbit and…

In the blink of an eye, one of my people jumped between me and the woman while the other person tugged at my Gentle Leader (not so gently I may add!), dragging me away and down the beach. Needless to say I was and am a bit confused! They taught me that finding the rabbit is a good, fun thing and then when I find one they seem to freak out.  Baffling.

Today I had another incident almost like the first one, only really scary! We were walking down the street in Portsmouth, NH when a nice woman approached.  She was holding a fluffy bundle. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did the last time, so this time I was only going to sniff it but not try to take it. I had my nose within an inch, and was thinking ‘this doesn’t smell like rabbit’,  when all of a sudden it lunged. That barking fluff ball of a dog almost bit my nose! To say the least, I was so surprised I jumped back behind my person, baying my disapproval at this ill mannered, nasty excuse for a real dog. Other people turned around to see what I was howling about but I didn’t care.

What is it with people and furry things?? It doesn’t matter if the furry thing is dead or alive they seem to want to hold it anyway.  No wonder that dog was snippy – what self respecting dog wants to be carted around and used as a hand warmer? I’d be totally humiliated. Why didn’t that person wear gloves if her hands were cold? See that’s what I mean about people not thinking dog – didn’t the people in both those cases realize that my inner canine was saying ‘get the furry thing’ ?? How am I suppose to know that this furry rabbit pelt in the yard is good but the one keeping the woman’s hand warm is not? It’s all so confusing.

Needless to say,  my visit to Portsmouth, NH was memorable however, not in a Chamber of Commerce kind of way.  All this figuring out what is and isn’t okay is exhausting. People are exhausting.


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  1. Callie

    Daisy – I’m stopping by to say hi. Oh what a surprise to see your Treeing Walker Coonhound. We have one too. He is a trained tracker and we use him to find lots pets – that and three other dogs too. The rabbit adventure was a hoot. Loved it. We will return.

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