Mainely Daisy

My people like to take me to all sorts of places. They say that experiences make you a better canine. They figure that the more experiences I have the more I will be able to adapt to changes, because in life, things are always changing. They don’t want me to be afraid of change because change is often very good.

This weekend my people took me on a long drive to the coast of Maine.  My people like Maine a lot. I must say it is beautiful. I walked on the beach. Every time I have been to the beach I notice that it is always different. Sometimes the sand is soft – sometimes not so much. Sometimes the water is far away – and sometimes it’s very close. Sometimes there is a lot of seaweed with the most awesome aromas – other times not as much. What I’m trying to say is that it’s different each time. That’s good otherwise it might not be as much fun. Different is good. Change is good.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. My people told me that Martin Luther King was a man who fought for all people to be treated equally. He fought for change. They told me that when Dr. King was fighting for civil rights some people where afraid.  Those people were so use to treating each other differently that the thought of treating everyone the same was scary for them. They were so scared they just couldn’t see that all people were different but the same. I’m glad that Martin Luther King was so brave. He made the world a better place for everyone, including me.  Time and experience has shown that change really is good. Thank you Dr. King.


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