Taking flight

Sometimes my people and I have a slight communication problem: I can’t understand them and they don’t understand me. Take a couple of days ago when my person sent me to go play in the yard.  It was a calm, cool day and I was sniffing around.  I like to know who’s been in my yard, when they were there and sometimes I can even figure out what they were doing. There is nothing like using your nose – it’s invigorating – so much better than watching TV!

So there I was,  near one of my person’s bird feeders (they watch a lot of the Food Network  and seem to have this need to feed things). All of a sudden I hear my person say “Damn Cat!”. There are a lot of felines who roam around our neighborhood. For some reason they are all named Damn Cat so I never know which cat they are referring to. In this case,  I didn’t see or smell a cat at all so I was rather confused. While my person was going on about Damn Cat I found this bird lying on the ground.

If you have read my previous posts you know how much I enjoy birds!  My trip to Boston visiting the pigeons was wonderful. My Granny Person has a bird too.  I like visiting Granny and her bird. She keeps it in this special cage so you can watch it fly all around …but that’s another story – now where was I??

Oh yes, the bird I found. Well,  there it was on the ground. Even I know if you come close to a bird it should fly away. This bird didn’t do that. I think it was sleeping or maybe just cold. I picked it up very carefully with my mouth. All of a sudden my person came running towards me screaming “Leave it! Leave it!”.  I couldn’t believe my ears. Did my person really want me to just leave the poor bird on the cold ground? In that moment I did what any self respecting coonhound would do – I tossed it up into the air so it would take flight…only it didn’t work. The bird didn’t fly. I was confused. Birds fly.  I carefully picked it up again. Meanwhile my person is going crazy, coming towards me again, still screaming  “Drop it! Leave it!”.  My person is making all these hand signals,  calling out “Goddamn Cat!”.   I have no idea what the hand signals meant but I stopped and looked around because I figured Goddamn Cat must be a new cat in the neighborhood I hadn’t seen before – still there was no cat around. Now I’m really worried – I have a bird who won’t fly and a person who is seeing cats that don’t exist.

At this point, I know I’ve got to try and make the bird fly…I’m it’s only hope! So I tossed it up in the air again – only this time higher. It landed in front of me.  It didn’t move. Before I had time for one more life saving attempt, my person had me by the collar and dragged me into the house. Discouraged and defeated I went inside and moped on the sofa the rest of the afternoon.

Later that evening I overheard my people talking. I think the cat may have hurt my poor bird!! That makes me sad. Birds are so much fun to watch I don’t know why anything would want to hurt them. I don’t want any cats in my yard if they are going to hurt my birds.  So cats listen up: you can watch the birds like I do but if you hurt them I’ll do what I was bred to do…send you up a tree and tell the world I did it! Aroooooooooooooo!!!!



  1. kat

    this is cute…. Addy hates the cats in her yard she tires to clean up after them but i guess its what they do i pray she wont get sick

  2. Wow! What a sweet post! Good for Daisy! Daisy sure writes an entertaining and educational dog-blog!

  3. I did enjoy this post. Thanks Daisy

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