I seem to have an identity crisis. No matter where I go people look at me and say “Wow she’s a big beagle”.  For the record, in case anyone is confused, I am not a beagle. Frankly, I don’t think I look anything like a beagle. I’m tall and thin – beagles are short and  fat.  I have charming, sophisticated good looks – not unlike my even taller ancestor the English Foxhound. Did you know that George Washington was one of the first to own Foxhounds in America? Foxhounds were the gentleman’s breed. The hunter’s breed. I an an ancestor of those dogs. Can you imagine a runt beagle posing next to Washington? Or running along with George in a great fox hunt??  No, of course not.

I’m an all American dog – bred from regal bloodlines here in the USA!  (Beagles are originally from Great Britain) Most people in New England, unlike folks from Virginia, have never seen a foxhound,  so that possibly explains why they wouldn’t notice my striking resemblance to my ancestor. But beagle? It’s insulting!

Yes, I have a nose for finding things – but I’m not Snoopy. I’m not some cartoon dog.  I’m a real dog.  I have real needs! What would I do without my sofa? Or without the snacks left on my pillow at night? Cartoon dogs don’t need those things. They don’t need to cuddle with their person. When was the last time you saw Snoopy cuddle with Charlie Brown??  If I remember correctly Snoopy was always in that doghouse. But that’s a beagle for you – always in trouble – always howling about something!

I’m a proud Treeing Walker Coonhound bred to hunt – bred to be brave, fearless and tireless! (In full disclosure  squeaker toys scare me and I am partial to soft bedding – but everyone has their Achilles heel and I’m no different).  I just wish  people could see me for the wonderful breed that I am. I am the un-beagle. I am a Walker!



  1. Julie Sheehan

    Love the picture Daisy

  2. Laurie

    I noticed your Facebook photo on the “It’s Me or The Dog” fan page and recognized her as a Walker Coonhound. I just adopted one in August. Bella is her name and she’s such a sweet dog with an amazing and amusing personality. Just thought I’d say hi!

    • How wonderful!!! Please feel free to comment on this blog any time. I’d love to hear how your Walker is doing…and what funny, crazy loving things Bella is up to!! They do make you laugh don’t they?!

  3. Laurie

    I also just noticed you live in MA! We do too. Bella is always making me laugh. She is too funny. Her incessant barking is now under control, so things are good. It was a little stressful for a while because she would bark non-stop. Even with exercise. I am loving this blog. It is adorable! The bird story made me laugh because when I first adopted Bella, we went out for a walk on my street and she proceeded to pick up a piece of roadkill (Squirrel) in her mouth!! It was disgusting. Haha But now I know that when I see some roadkill, to walk to the other side of the street.

    • Daisy goes through a barking phase every now and again, and you’re right sometimes exercise won’t curb it. But I did discover she really does not like the sound those rubber squeaker toys make. So I have one I keep by my chair and when she is in a barking/demanding my attention now! moment I squeak the toy. After a couple of squeaks she gets the message. It feels so cruel but it does work.
      As for the dead bird and your roadkill – sometimes I feel like I need eagle eyes and still she is so quick I don’t feel like I have a chance. I’m glad you are enjoying her blog!! They are very funny dogs so I’m sure I’ll have much more to write!

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