New Tricks

My people came home from work a little while ago. Whenever they get home they want to play games with me. The only problem is it’s always the same games. I realize that people are creatures of habit but sometimes it’s maddening. “Daisy sit” , “Daisy wait”, “Daisy leave it”!!  I have been sitting in a crate all day waiting for my people to come home all the while unable to get at a toy sitting 3 feet away (okay so the thing I thought was a toy was my person’s slipper – fuzzy things all look the same to me).  But surely they can understand that I’m tired of sitting and waiting.

When my people get home I want to run around. I want to be free! I want to go outside and sniff the neighborhood to catch up on what I missed all day. I want to find the woodchuck that lives under our shed (although I’m pretty sure he’s moved under the house for the winter). Don’t people realize that we need new games and tricks to keep our minds active? Oh sure, they leave CNN on while they are at work – like I care about CNN! They think CNN will keep my mind alert! YAWN!! Take it from me, CNN does very few stories that would interest the average canine (and how any person would find it interesting, ranks in my book, as one of the great mysteries of the universe). You’d think my people would at least be thoughtful enough to leave the station on Animal Planet! Oh well, what can I do? I do have a good home afterall. So I just wag my tail at them when they get home. That seems to make them happy. I sit when they tell me to sit. Wait when they tell me to wait. I know they’re old (they’re more than 15 years old at least!). I try to keep them happy – but boy do I wish you could teach an old person new tricks!


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