Weather weirdos

I don’t think I understand New Englanders. I have never observed such preoccupation about the weather. Every night is the same: turning the TV to several different channels in order to hear the weather. It wouldn’t be so bad except that my people have their own weather station that records everything and a house full of windows! If I can see the cat across the street surely they can see that it is windy and snowing. Certainly they can hear that the wind is howling, right? Okay maybe they can’t. I mean, who knows what they can see or hear. They ignore me when I bark at them, so maybe they don’t hear well. And seeing as that they’re people, they probably can’t even see color.

Today they dragged me out for an hour walk. It was 20 degrees and we were having a snow storm. Hel-looo – I’m from Virginia! Perhaps they failed to see I’m a short coated breed. Oh of course they put a coat on me –  like somehow that makes it all better. It was cold. My feet were freezing! Don’t they know I want to be home on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. I want to be pampered and patted. I’m a former shelter dog enough of the miserable conditions already! Tomorrow I will just have to flash my big brown eyes and make them feel guilty about today. I can just see the chicken falling my way now!


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