Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I understand that you are suppose to do that at midnight but I was in bed asleep. Midnight is late. It seems the new year came anyway so I guess I didn’t miss much. My people did take me on a special outing this morning.  I guess special outings on New Year’s Day are a tradition. With my people you never know what a ‘special outing’ could be. But this was a good one. They took me on a long ride to a place called Boston.

It was awesome! I can’t believe all the smells and all the other canines! We went to a place called the Common – it seems to be where all the pigeons hang out. It was incredible! These pigeons group together. If you creep up very carefully to sniff them, they start flying all around. I discovered if you try to charge at them,  they all take off in a great rush. What a thrill! At one point, after a small charge at one group, they flew right over my head!!  I tried to jump and at grab one. Awesome! My person didn’t like that too much. I know my people don’t like me charging ahead but I don’t think my people liked me playing with the birds either. Every time I was attempting a sneak flush,  it was like they could read my mind and I’d suddenly get dragged away in another direction.  I just don’t get it. People have no sense of pure, adrenal pumping joy! Oh well.  I had a great time anyway. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Day too.

Love Daisy

New Year's Day 1-1-2010

The Great New Year's Day Pigeon Hunt


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  1. Julie Sheehan


    You look so regal in that picture.I am so glad that you had a great New Years. As far as your humans go, sometimes, they just do not understand your kind of fun. Just be patien with them, they’ll learn. wish tham a happy new year from me.

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