I Love Victoria

I’m exhausted! I just came in from taking my person for a walk. The roads were covered in black ice and a cold wind was blowing. But what choice did I have? My person came home reeking of french fries and soda…she thinks I can’t smell it on her person! Ha! Obviously, she won’t take care of herself so I needed to step in. I did let her think that she took me for the walk… I think it makes humans feel better if they think things are their idea.

My people may be on to me though.  Last night, they had another “It’s Me or the Dog” marathon – That’s all I need a dog trainer in the house! To make matters worse they take notes!  But not all dog trainers are bad. I had a nice trainer at the MSPCA, I liked her – but she didn’t have a British accent like that dog trainer on TV, Victoria Stilwell does. I love Victoria…she seems to give everyone chicken. I love chicken. If it rains chicken when I’m near you, then you will always be near to my heart…or at least I’ll be near the hand with the goods! Watch Victoria on Animal Planet and visit Victoria’s website and see if you don’t love her too!
Victoria Stilwell, Dog Training, It’s Me Or The Dog : Animal Planet

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