Power to the Greyhounds!

I’m not a very political canine however yesterday was a day of celebration! Massachusetts has officially ended greyhound racing in the state.  Now I know what you’re thinking:  “Daisy is a coonhound what does she care about a bunch of sight hounds?”.  If you’d asked me 5 months ago about dogs in kennels – even greyhounds – I would have said, “Ya so – all dogs live in kennels and all dogs need a job.”   But back then I didn’t know better.  Now I live in a warm house with my own beds.  I’m never hungry.  I have plenty of chew toys, go for walks where I am free to sniff the dung piles.  I have created my own jobs – I am the official wake up service for my people and their personal trainer (Get ’em Up and Running I always say!).  Maybe the greyhounds would like to make up their own jobs too.  Maybe the greyhounds would like to have their own people who kiss them and tell them how wonderful they are.  Maybe they want to make up their own jobs.

My people used to have a greyhound and 2 cocker spaniels.  I see their fuzzy pictures around the house – at the beach playing in the waves (I can’t believe those dogs actually liked to get wet!), or playing in the snow (I think they really had derranged dogs!)…but apparently they enjoyed themselves – even the people looked happy. The greyhound was rescued because she didn’t want to chase some stupid lure, she had the scars to prove it…she just wanted to live a quiet life away from the public glare.  I think we should all be allowed to find the things that make us happy – to create the job that suits who we are as individual canines.  In the end,  giving greyhounds the chance to be who they are empowers, not only the dogs but their humans to live a more loving, compassionate life.

Power to the Greyhounds! Compassion to the People!




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