After Christmas…

My first Christmas was yesterday.  My uncle came over for dinner.  I tried to bark him into playing a chase game with me, but he just kept looking at me like I had 3 heads! Needless to say he didn’t play!  I did get presents though – lots of them! My favorite is something my people call “The Spinny” – something they put food & chicken into and I get to find it.  Way too simple for me! It’s like taking candy from a baby!  I have a bionic sniffer – if I can find a mouse in the wood pile what makes them think I can’t find chicken? Crazy!

Today I went for a walk in the woods.  So many smells,  so little time.  The only thing I hate is my person put this ‘coat’ on me to go…so undignified. And of course I ran into other dogs…so embarrassing.


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